Western Division Contest Results

The International

Hermine Zielinski Celebrates

The Western Division International & Evaluation contests were held in Fremantle on Sat 28th March 2009. Both contests were of extremly high standard and kept the large audience thoroughly entertained.

The International contest was won by Hermine Zielinski, who showed us all not to shy away from fear, but to just GO! and confront it. 2nd place went to Jim Stephen from Bunbury who noted that a good or bad reputation can mould your whole life.






WD Evaluation Contest 09
Glenn Wright receives his award

The Evaluation contest was won by Glen Wright from Gateway with 2nd place going to Graham Corry from Southsiders. Nola Haddrill was the test speaker and gave an interesting speech on diabetes with an excellent demonstration on what diabetes can cause. Everyone who was there will never forget the zucchini, or was that a cucumber.







Off to Handorf

Hermine & Glen will represent the Western Division in the District Final at Hahndorf, South Australia on May 22-24. We wish them both all the best.

Thanks to Mark Richards for this story.