Welcome Desperados

WA’s first new Toastmasters club for 2010/2011

A new club has been chartered in WA – the first new club in WA this Toastmaster year … and the first northern suburbs new club since 1994.

The club has been established in the State government Department of Education Services, commonly known as DES. So what better name than DESperados!!!

Richard Strickland
Richard Strickland

Mike Helm
Mike Helm

The origin of the club was a DES staff symposium on 26th August 2010. DES CEO Richard Strickland, an enthusiastic Toastmaster at Victoria Quay club who has seen the benefits of Toastmasters first hand, asked staff member Past District Governor Mike Helm to chair the staff symposium and also to give a short presentation about Toastmasters. Staff were very interested in what Toastmasters had to offer and accepted Mike’s invitation to attend a sample meeting which was held on 10th September.

Fifteen staff members attended the sample meeting plus external Toastmasters leaders Inner City Division Governor Kristin McIntosh and District Public Relations Officer Pascale Amberville-Colby.

It was agreed to hold fortnightly meetings where enthusiasm has remained high. The knowledge and competence of the new members is of an exceptionally high standard and they have a thirst for developing their skills further. This demand has been met to some extent by introducing an array of guest speakers to the meetings – Toastmasters leaders Pascale Amberville-Colby and Perth Area Governor Peter McDonnell, the new club’s mentors; Kristin McIntosh, past Perth Division Governor Bill Hewitt and Inner City Area Governor Gerry Prewett.

The formalities for starting the new club were completed, and an excellent group of club officers elected, at the fourth meeting on 22nd October. The club currently has 21 first time members and rising, almost a third of the total DES staff.

The new club’s sponsors are Richard Strickland who has generously offered resources to assist the new club, and Mike Helm who will provide the benefit of his experience in Toastmasters.

Keep an eye on DESperados club! Its members are sure to feature strongly in future speech contests and leadership activities.

3 Responses to “Welcome Desperados”

  1. Avatar for Mark Richards Mark Richards says:

    Congratulations to Richard & Mike for starting the first new club in WA this year.
    As we draw closer to becoming our own District it is great to see a new club in the northern suburbs where there is room for lots of growth and a club where future leaders may spring from.
    All my best to the new members of Deperados and I look forward to meeting all of you soon at your charter celebration.

    Mark Richards LGET West, 2010/2011

  2. Avatar for Bruce Hill Bruce Hill says:

    As District Governor, I would like to add my congratulations to both Richard and Mike for the work you have put in to establishing Desperados Toastmasters Club #1569226 in Area P10 as the first WA club to charter in 2010-11.

    One of the keys to success for club growth of corporate clubs is having the support of top management, and in having such an enthusiastic CEO of the Department of Education Services in Richard as a driving force in the club is a huge benefit for the club.

    I am absolutely certain that as CEO of DES, Richard will see the benefits that his staff will achieve and the self confidence they will gain as they work their way through the Toastmasters educational programme.

    I would like to encourage the club to Develop Excellent Standards(DES) as a club as you move into the future.

    Bruce Hill
    District Governor
    District 73
    Toastmasters: Achieving Greatness Together

  3. Avatar for Gerry Prewett Gerry Prewett says:

    Having been invited along as a guest speaker to Desperados (what a great name. “Is it a Bikie gang? Is it an album by the Eagles? No it’s Toastmasters Club!”) I can attest as to the great future that this club has.

    I heard some wonderful and very funny speeches. There is a wealth of speaking talent here. Mike invited me along to speak of my experiences, having been a Charter member of Cannington Communicatore, established in the State Government Office of Shared Services. Seeing the enthusiasm within the club I can see lots of DCP points being racked up by year end.

    Well done to Richard and to Mike.

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