Weekly Meetings

Toastmasters International recommends that Clubs meet weekly.

Yes, there are only four clubs amongst the 142 in District 73 that do meet weekly. They are Victoria Quay, Gateway, Durack, and Amity.  They are all in WA.

Is it a coincidence that right now, at April 20, the first three clubs are the only ones to have achieved the 9 Goals necessary for President’s Distinguished Club? Victoria Quay and Gateway already have the full 10 Goals. Amity, though it only chartered in September 2006, already has 8 Goals.

No, it isn’t a coincidence. These clubs are leading the way in District 73 because they are strong and effective, and part of their strength is the weekly meeting.

Common objections to weekly meetings

Our members are too busy to attend that many meetings.

We wouldn’t get members to join if we met weekly.

Our meetings aren’t interesting enough to attract members to attend regularly.

The advantages of weekly meetings

For visitors and members there is never any doubt whether there is a meeting this week – or is it next week? It is always this week.

Members get twice as many speaking opportunities as in clubs which meet fortnightly. As a result, many more members complete personal awards during the year, which benefits the Club’s Distinguished Club Program achievement. By April 18th, these three clubs had registered between them 11 Competent Communicator Awards and 12 Advanced Communicator Awards.

Officers are elected for six month terms, rather than 12 months. Although many officers complete a second six month term, there is the opportunity to rotate positions and give leadership experience to a greater range of members.

There is a very important advantage, related to retaining members. Members who miss meetings need to be followed up. A member who misses two meetings at a fortnightly club has been out of touch for a month, and may be lost. At a weekly club, the same two meetings missed only cover a fortnight, so the member is more likely to resume attendance when contacted.

Weekly meetings are worth investigating

World Headquarters recommend it, because weekly meetings promote strong, healthy, successful clubs.

The Presidents of our three leading clubs will be happy to give you further encouragement.

Lisa Cluett DTM Wilkinson Glen Lewis
Lisa Cluett DTM Ross Wilkinson Glen Lewis
Victoria Quay Gateway Durack

You can get more helpful information about how to convert your club to weekly meetings by contacting David Nicholas.

6 Responses to “Weekly Meetings”

  1. Avatar for Betty Hart Betty Hart says:

    I have just read about the three clubs in WA that run weekly meetings. I too am a firm supporter of weekly meetings, and I believe it helps the club to be more effective in many ways. The members benefit so much more if the meetings are weekly, and if for some valid reason they need to miss a meeting, it is not a month between meetings.
    However, there is a fourth weekly club in WA. Amity Club meets weekly in Albany on Monday nights, except for Public Holidays and school holidays. Any Toastmaster who comes to Albany is welcome to come visit our meetings.

  2. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    Yes, of course. Amity, our newest club in WA, meets weekly.

    And is doing brilliantly. Already the club has 7 of the Distinguished Club Program goals, and is on target to be President’s Distinguished.

    The Club was chartered in September and already it has achieved so much. Amity is a model for all our clubs.

  3. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    I have edited the original post to reflect what I should have written at the time.

  4. Avatar for Mark Richards Mark Richards says:

    I am a very strong supporter of weekly meetings. Just think how much quicker you can achieve your CC , ACB , ACS , ACG , DTM .
    By meeting weekly your speech quota will double and so along with your own personal achievements, the club will benefit too and can achive a Presidents Distinguished status.
    Three of the four clubs in my Area,W21, meet weekly and we have achieved a Presidents Distinguished Area.
    If your club is meeting fortnightly, please consider moving to weekly meetings. Talk to your committee and get the ball rolling. You wont regret it. After all, why did we join Toastmasters in the first place? To improve our public speaking!! And practice makes perfect!!

    Mark Richards
    Area Governor W21.

  5. Avatar for Gil Alexander Gil Alexander says:

    100% in favour of the weekly club. Durack toaastmasters switched from fortnightly club to a weekly club soon after charter and we have not looked back!!

    Some prospective members have said that they do not want to make a weekly commitment. To this I say:-
    1)Discuss with the VPE to enbsure that their goals are set and theat they are rostered to satisfy their current commitment. It is interesting how ones commitment changes once one becomes more tapped into the Toastmasters program!!;
    2)you will get morew value for your club dues at a weekly club (twice as many meeting and learning opportunitiesweekly

  6. Avatar for Gil Alexander Gil Alexander says:

    I am 100% behind weekly clubs

    When new prospective members raise the issue of not wanting to make a weekly commitment I say:-
    1) talk to the VPE about your goals and make sure you are scheduled to meet those goals;
    2) if you is a fortnightly meeting, then there is a monthe between meetings, rather than a fortnight if it is a weekly club; and
    3) you get much more value for your club dues at a weekly club, twice as many club meetings for your dollar!!

    It is interesting how ones’ commitments do vary once the Toastmasters’ program “gets into their blood!”


    Gil Alexander

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