Western Division Winners

Contest Results from March 29, 2008

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Claire Lacey

Claire Lacey from Victoria Quay is the Western Division representative for the District 73 final in Melbourne in May this year.

Claire spoke on “Never let your brain retire”. She opened dramatically with “Beep beep beep beep…..” and then told of the death of Lucy at 67, who had given up on life, and whose brain had shrunk. Use it or lose it, she told us dramatically. She followed this with stories of her grandfather who had sunk into depression and was ready to die, but recovered and lived for another happy 10 years. And then there was Doris, at 70 enrolling for another degree at University, energetic and vibrant. It was an excellent International quality speech because Claire applied the lessons of these three people to everybody in the audience – use it or lose it. Never let our brains retire. Live Life!

Claire told Chief Judge Mike Helm that she had been a member of Toastmasters for just 12 months. She was very grateful for the opportunities she had received at Victoria Quay, and particularly for the intense coaching for this speech she had received from Glenis and David Nicholas.


Judith Allan

Mark Richards
Mark Richards

Two Contests were held – the International and the Evaluation. The Contests were hosted by Swan and Morning Star and held in the Midland Community Centre. The whole afternoon was brilliantly organised by W16 Area Governor Judith Allen on behalf of Western Division Governor Mark Richards.

Introducing the Contests Mark told us of the great success Western Division is enjoying this year. We have 4 new Clubs so far – WA Governors, Touch of Gold in Kalgoorlie, Cannington Communicators and Canning Vale. As well two Western Division Clubs are among the top 3 in the Distinguished Club Program in District 73 – Victoria Quay and Gateway. He urged us to keep up the good work and to enjoy the contests.

The Evaluation Results

Tania Park Evaluation 1st

Charles Fisher Evaluation 2nd

First was the Evaluation Contest with test speaker Wayne Brown. It was won by Tania Park from Jetty and second was Charles Fisher from Western Founders.


The International Results

Claire Lacey International 1st

After the break for afternoon tea we enjoyed the International. First of course was Claire Lacey from Victoria Quay and second James Park from Jetty.

James Park International 2nd

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  1. Avatar for Mark Richards Mark Richards says:

    WOW!!! What a fabulous day with a turn up of over 60 people to enjoy the Western Division Finals. Area Governor Judith Allen must be congratulated for forming such a supportive team from Swan & Morning Star Clubs to organise such a successful competition. Congratulations must also go to the Contest Chairs, Area Governors, Steve Barry and Chris Telenta for a very professional performance. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Claire Lacy and Tania Park the very best of luck in the District 73 Final in Lilydale, as they represent the Western Division. I know you both will make us proud.

    Mark Richards
    Western Division Governor

  2. Avatar for Lynda t'Hart Lynda t'Hart says:

    Thanks for the prompt and extensive detail on the latest contest and the results. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend this contest due to committments outside of the metro area, but having this forum for almost instant reporting really keeps our very vast division in close connection and even though the distances are great. It sounds as though the contest was a hugely successful event and I am sure that both Claire and Tania will do Western Division proud come the middle of May in Lilydale. Congratulations to you both.

  3. Avatar for Bill Griffiths (Billy G) Bill Griffiths (Billy G) says:

    It was a truly educational experience and a privilige to witness the efforts applied by all stakeholders in Saturday’s event at Midvale. To the organisers in their joint and several capacities, take a well earned bow. I enjoyed the proceedings and the management of the logistics was most commendable. The programming and the timing of the events was a lesson for all to aspire to when it comes their turn to be involved beyond spectator. There is an old saying “Knowledge is no weight to carry” anyone who attended on Saturday certainly recieved the opportunity to expand their knowledge of competitve speaking and how it should be emulated. Great Show! Congratulations to all involved!!

  4. […] Saturday one of our members won the Western Division International final. When the Perpetual Trophy was displayed at the Club on Wednesday night, there were the results […]

  5. Avatar for Lucy Jackson and Rachael Fisher Lucy Jackson and Rachael Fisher says:

    We are trying to get hold of Claire! We were friends when she was living in Oxford, UK a few years ago and have lost touch! If anyone can pass on an email to her from us, that would be great. Lijackson@hotmail.co.uk
    If anyone can help we much appreciate it!
    Thank you!

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