What Area is your Club in

A New Year – a new WA Structure

WA has a new Division this year – Innercity. So, we have 3 new Areas. And recently we had some more new clubs. So we have a new Structure in WA Toastmasters this year.

Your club may now be in a different Area, and perhaps in a different Division.

Check the new structure and if you have a comment or a query, post it on this page.

To see the details of the new structure go to WA Toastmasters 2008/09

David Nicholas DTM
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2 Responses to “What Area is your Club in”

  1. Dear Sir / Madame
    As a Non native speaker I would like to improve my English as well as my presentation Skills.
    My topics I would like to hold speeches about are in personal development, for example, motivation, self-confidence, communication skills and so on.

    It would be great if there were a club supporting me.

    I live in Scarborough

    Yours sincerely

    Ursula Knecht
    61 61 3009

  2. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    Hello Ursula

    There certainly are clubs which will support you.

    The closest is Stirling, which meets at Tuart Hill. You will find details about the club on this page


    However, I will send an email to one of the Stirling members, Cybele Katavatis and copy you in. You could email her or ring her on 9341 6214. You will find her very helpful. Ring me direct if you need any more help.


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