WA Governors – a new Club

We need a leadership group for WA which will drive the growth required to form our own District. WA Governors is a specialist Club servicing Toastmasters in WA who have been, who are now or are thinking of becoming an Area or Division Governor. This is the leadership group we need.

Come to the first meeting of the new Club

It is being held on Thursday evening, October 18th, at Michael Malone’s house, 73 Monmouth St, Mt Lawley from 6.15 for a 6.30 start to 8.30 pm. The meeting runs from 6.30-8.00 with a light supper and time for socialising after that. There is no meeting charge, but you can join the club, and get benefits from being a foundation member.

What will WA Governors do?

This will be a very different kind of club from any currently running across the District. A brainchild of current District Governor Mike Helm, it will be an Advanced Club, meeting monthly. Of course there will be speeches and evaluations, but in addition there will be marketing and policy planning along with specialist training programs. Current Area and Division Governors will be able to call on the experience of previous governors, while members thinking of taking a senior leadership role will get advice and training to prepare them.

Why would you be interested in joining WA Governors?

  • Do you want to meet with other experienced, skilful and energetic WA Toastmasters?
  • Do you want to help locate and train coming leaders?
  • Do you want to complete your DTM requirements by founding or mentoring a new Toastmaster Club?
  • Do you want to be part of the leadership group that will drive WA Toastmasters to the goal of our own District?

That’s just a few of the reasons you could be interested in joining us.

It wont cost an arm and a leg to join

The joining fee will be a modest A$35. This will cover the fee to Toastmasters International, since all members will already belong to a Toastmaster Club and be Dual members. Running costs during the year will be very low because we plan to hold meetings in members’ homes, moving around the suburbs. This will be very appropriate to our membership who will come from a wide cross section of Clubs in Perth. In addition, some committed members have already helped run a Speechcraft Course and funds from that will be in the new Club’s bank account by the first meeting.

A Planning Committee has already met and elected some Officers.

At a meeting on September 15th, elections were held. These Officers will hold their positions until the first official meeting of the new Club on October 18. The Officers are:

Mike Helm, President & District 73 Governor
David Nicholas, Vice President Education & WA Marketing Coordinator
Alan Smith, Treasurer & District Treasurer
Mark Richards, Secretary & Western Division Governor

A bank account has been set up. Alan can give you the official receipt for your $35 membership application.

Mike Helm
Mike Helm DTM

Do you want more information?

You can email Mike Helm or phone him on 0419 962 394
You can email David Nicholas or phone him on 9457 6468

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM