WA Leaders Nominate for District Roles

David Nicholas has nominated for Western Division Governor

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
for Western Division Governor

Elections for the 2009/10 year will be held at the District 73 Council being held in Hahndorf, South Australia, on Saturday afternoon, May 23, 2009. There are 10 Divisions in the District, with 3 in WA. Nominations have been received from only Western Division in WA. There were none received for Innercity and Perth when nominations closed in late March. Discussions are proceeding to find suitable leaders to take these important positions.

You can view a statement by David about his qualifications for the Western Division Governor position and his program for the year.

Go to David Nicholas DTM for Western Division Governor

Pascale Amberville-Colby also nominated for Western Division Governor, but after discussion with various WA leaders he has formally withdrawn his nomination. Pascale is looking forward to nominating for a Division Governor role again the following year.

Two other West Australians have nominated for District 73 leadership roles.

Mark Richards
Mark Richards DTM

Ross Wilkinson
Ross Wilkinson DTM

Mark Richards DTM is currently the District Public Relations Officer. He has nominated for Lt Governor Marketing.

Ross Wilkinson DTM is currently the Western Division Governor. He has nominated for District Public Relations Officer.

Currently there are no other nominations for either of these positions. However, it is possible for other members to nominate from the floor at the time of the election. We wont know if there are to be other nominations until the Saturday afternoon meeting.

We have a significant number of West Australians attending the Convention. Those who are Presidents or VPs Education for their clubs have an automatic vote at the Council. If you are attending, and your President and/or VP Education is not, make certain you get their proxy to vote.

David Nicholas for Western Division Governor


  • Member and office bearer since 1995 of clubs in Western Division
  • Previously served as Area Governor (3 times) and Western Division Governor
  • Served as District Lt Governor Education & Training, responsible for all training across the District.


  • District Area Governor of the Year
  • President’s Distinguished Area Governor and Division Governor
  • DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) 5 times
  • Founded 16 Clubs in Western Australia


  • Reformation Committee member – working to form our own District in WA
  • WA New Clubs Coordinator – 12 new clubs last year and 4 so far this year
  • District 73 Parliamentarian responsible for the proper conduct of District Executive and Council meetings
  • Member of 9 Clubs and VP Education for 5 of them
  • WA Webmaster responsible for this website

Program for 2009/10

  • My role as Division Governor will be to train, supervise, support and inspire our 4 Area Governors. They will be my primary contact with Clubs. It is my goal to help our Area Governors aim for and achieve their highest goal – to be President’s Distinguished. That will help me achieve my goal of once more making Western Division President’s Distinguished.
  • I will be an active leader in organising Club Officer Training in WA.
  • I will conduct Division Council Meetings every 3 months. Decisions at these meetings will be made by our Area Governors and myself, but Club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education will be invited to attend and contribute to the discussions. The first meeting will be held in early August, after Club Officer Training has been completed.
  • I will organise and conduct our 4 Division Contests.
  • I will continue working for District WA. As a Division Governor and member of the Reformation Committee, I will have a strong voice in District plans and I will exercise that with vigor.
  • As soon as I am confirmed in the position, I will start working energetically to achieve the program I have outlined.

3 Responses to “WA Leaders Nominate for District Roles”

  1. Avatar for Alan Smith Alan Smith says:

    David, your election manifesto is practical, optimistic and uncontroversial. I hope other Division Governors include such programs for their term of leadership. I think one item needs expanding. What is your policy on Speech Contests?

    I think that Toastmasters in WA were drowning in speech contests this last year. There seemed to be very familiar faces of judges in the Area and Division contests. There may be too few judges for three Divisions – but I think there are too many contest sessions. Why do we split Area and Division contests over two sessions? A few years ago Western Division (for the whole state of WA) held all four contest finals on the one day, or one weekend, as a state convention. This WA Convention was usually combined with Club Officer Training and a social dinner. I think they were very successful. I seem to recall that the initial two sessions of contests arose when the Humorous was dropped one year to re-align the International contest with changed District 73 or WHQ policies. This led to the pairing of International and Evaluation, and Humorous and Impromptu.

    Toastmasters in WA has a growth problem. We have a high number of Toastmasters with multiple Club (Area, Division) membership. The problems of clashing contest dates, the number of qualified judges and of time spent supporting candidates at contests could be largely overcome by halving the number of speech contest sessions. This could be initiated at Division level at first, then followed by the Areas. Clubs, of course, can choose any practical way to find their candidates.

    The free time released by halving the number of contests could be used by Division and Area leaders very effectively. We need leaders to support struggling clubs and promote new clubs. After all, achievement of Presidents Distinguished Division (and Area) status is not measured by the number of speech contests that are held. Change can only be initiated from a committed Division Governor: perhaps for implementation with District WA?

    • Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

      Alan, I agree with your analysis of the Speech Contest problem. Division and Area Governors have problems with finding Judges for the numerous contests. So do Clubs – but there is a better way with Clubs – follow the suggestion from Toastmasters International that Clubs run their Contests internally, using Club members as Judges.

      I don’t understand how to halve the number of Contests? Do you mean for each Area and Division to have one Contest for all four – the International, Humorous, Evaluation and Table Topics – rather than two Contest, with two at each, as is done currently?

      I think that has merit. What do other people think?


      • Avatar for Alan Smith Alan Smith says:

        The problem is the number of days that need to be put in to attend or officiate at the Area and Division contests. Yes, the Area and Division could each hold their International, Humorous, Impromptu and Evaluation contests on just one day. Five contest days per division instead of ten. Multiply this by three divisions … . This change will also aid the inter-division planning to ensure contest dates do not clash – and help the judges with their commitments.

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