W28 final at Western Founders

The final was held on Saturday morning, March 8, 2008.

Mark Richards
WD Governor

Sue Voloczi
Western Founders VPE

Sue Voloczi, the VP Education for Western Founders, organised a smoothly effective final which gave all contestants an equal opportunity and had no glitches or hesitations. Congratulations, Sue.

Ross Wilkinson is the W28 Area Governor. Clubs from W28 represented in the finals were Foothills, Powertalk and Western Founders.

Mark Richards, the Western Division Governor, was the Chief Judge.

The Evaluation Contest

Charles Fisher

Trevor Doble

David Nicholas was the Contest Chair.

Sarah Duxbury gave the test speech – “I’m picking up good vibrations.”

First Place went to Charles Fisher from Western Founders

Second place went to Trevor Doble from Foothills.

The International

Darren Brady

Vicky Post

Gawain Simpson was the Contest Chair.

First Place went to Darren Brady from Powertalk

Second place went to Vicky Post, also from Powertalk.

Besides providing the venue and contest officials, Western Founders members brought along excellent food for the morning tea between the two contest, and continued at the end.

Charles and Darren will represent W28 at the Western Division final on March 29th.

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