W28 Area Final March 7 2009

International and Evaluation Contests

Charles Fisher Charles Fisher
Contest organiser

Western Founders hosted the Area final on Saturday morning, March 7, 2009, at the George Burnett Leisure Centre in Manning Road, Karawara.

The organisation was carried out by Charles Fisher.  Pascale Amberville-Colby was contest chair for the International, and Sue Voloczi, our W28 Area Governor, was contest chair for the Evaluation.

The International Contest

There were 3 speakers with Contest Chair Pascale.

Gawain Simpson from Western Founders spoke on The Time of Your Life. He asked us “Are you having the time of your life?” Gawain started his interest in cooking at the age of 5, when he decided he wanted to be a chef. But his academically inclined father guided him to University where he majored in Physics and went on to Masters level. For the past 12 years he has been working in computing. It pays good money, but he loathes it. So, he has decided to do something for himself. Now he regularly caters for friends’ parties and has a small contract with a fast food firm. So he urged us not to waste the time given to us. Time is passing. Each hour, minute or second wont come again. “Are you having the time of your life?”

Vicki Post Vicki Post
International winner

Vicki Post from Power Talk spoke on Are you living with reality? What does it mean to us? She gave two examples where our expectations are confronted by reality. The first was shopping after work at Coles and finding a long line of shoppers before her at the checkout. The second was a doctor’s appointment where there was an hour to wait after the appointed time. Vicki gave suggestions for making our expectations match reality. Essentially, we should moderate our expectations. Change them in the face of reality because getting upset doesn’t improve the situation. The right question is: how do I get the best out of the situation.

Diana Veitch from Netmasters spoke on Out of the ashes She gave us two stories involving fires.  The first was about a warehouse fire which destroyed a whole set of family records and heirlooms. The whole place was burnt to the ground.  She could salvage only a few damaged remnants.  The second was a forest fire on a mountain in South Africa where she had gone with her fiancee a week before the marriage.  The fire came up the valley at enormous speed and they only narrowly managed to escape.  Even when they managed to reach help the police initially charged them with arson!    Diana told us that success comes as a consequence of our own vigorous actions.  So, fire yourself up!

The result

Gawain Simpson was judged second, and Vicki Post first.  So, Vicki will represent the Area at the Division final on March 28.

The Evaluation Contest

There were 2 contestants with Contest Chair Sue Voloczi.

Mike Helm Mike Helm
Test speaker

Mike Helm was the Test Speaker with his speech Beware the Big White Ants. He told how he discovered a door frame in his house had been eaten out by white ants, so he called in a succession of Pest Control salespeople to advise him on action to take, and give a quote to do it. Four salesmen came and gave completely contrary advice which had the effect of attacking and eating away at Mike’s self confidence. So, he contacted the Department of Agriculture, and got disinterested advice, based on their research and knowledge of his locality. He was able to handle the problem himself, which certainly restored his self confidence. So, beware the big white ants!


David Nicholas David Nicholas
Evaluation winner

David Nicholas from Netmasters was the first Evaluator. He noted that Mike was very well known to be the Immediate Past District 73 Governor and a very experienced speaker, so he intended to challenge Mike with his recommendations. He first commended Mike for his strong, clear voice, his body language through his arms, hands and facial expressions, and his powerful eye contact with the whole audience. Then his recommendations challenged Mike to use his voice much more expressively, with greater variety, and also to develop his command of the whole stage area, rather than being confined to the one central location. His final commendation was for “the hook” – the succession of self interested salesmen, contrasted with the impartial advice from the Ag Department. David ended with a clear summary of the points he made.

Tim Blackburn from Western Founders was the second Evaluator. He commended Mike for the strong, clear structure in his speech and for his strong, clear voice. He gave recommendations to improve his body language by avoiding repetitive gestures, and to use more of the stage area. He ended his evaluation with a brief summary.

The result

Tim Blackburn was judged second, and David Nicholas first. So, David will represent the Area at the Division final on March 28.

David Nicholas

Report prepared by David Nicholas
VP Education at Western Founders