Peter McDonnell

In the past 40 years, I have watched Toastmasters in Western Australia grow from only one club to now over 70 clubs, in a new District 17 with three separate divisions. I personally have also grown alongside it.

How this organisation has helped me develop over the years been a wonderful lifetime experience. As a teenager I suffered a severe head injury which left me with permanent brain damage and limited vision.

From the time I joined Toastmasters, I have developed many skills, that have helped me through life. I think that, anyone who considers joining this organisation, will benefit in many ways from the experience. For me personally, the greatest single benefit has been being able to think clearly and quickly, in an impromptu basis, to many situations, not only when public speaking, but in everyday life circumstances.

Toastmasters has also supplied me with a great opportunity to assist and watch others grow and develop through it’s very comprehensive self help/education program. The Evaluation, Judging and Chairmanship skills I have developed through my Toastmasters experience have also proved to be invaluable to me, and I am also sure that others would benefit greatly from participation.