Maree Pickens

I read about Toastmasters in a book by a US author and entrepreneur I admired. She couldn’t speak highly enough of the value of Toastmasters in helping her become a successful business woman and even better mother. I jumped on the web and was immediately impressed at the breadth of information provided by Toastmasters at international, country, state and even club levels – they had so much to offer and all seemed so welcoming!

I took their advice and visited several different clubs before deciding that St George’s had the right mix of people, rofessionalism and fun that I was looking for – no pressure from any club to join. Even now, four years later, I love visiting other clubs to see new delivery techniques, hear new ideas and feel the energy from a different group of people. Even better is that my husband joined a different club at the same time and we now enjoy a wonderful shared ‘passion’ that benefits our relationships with each other, our children, and our workplaces.