Liz Sheridan

14 years ago, I met a very confident lady who spoke exceptionally well. I was shy and lacking confidence. When she told me that Toastmasters was the key, I vowed to attend one day and become *just like her*
It took me 7 years to muster up the courage to go along to my first meeting, but I have never looked back ..

The friends I have gained along the way, the strengths I’ve discovered in myself and the skills I have learned, have made joining Toastmasters one of the best decisions I have ever made. In all areas of my life, Toastmasters has made a very positive difference.

With such great feedback & with the support and assistance from other Toastmasters, anything is possible! I now derive great pleasure helping other new members grow their confidence and tackle their own demons. The journey for me has been educational, informative, enlightening and such great fun .. who would have thought it? ..

Don’t let your fears hold you back any longer …. Toastmasters may be just what you need too!