Jeanette Farrar

In April, 2003 I had just relocated from Newman to Perth and wanted to improve my impromptu speaking skills in direct relation to my career path. I found it really difficult to articulate my points of view, be succinct and also to clearly define business plans etc. especially, when in meetings or under pressure.

So I joined Gateway Toastmasters in Fremantle. Well, Toastmasters has given me the tools, practice and confidence to speak publicly, to speak clearly and to learn all the techniques which enhance our speaking abilities. Mind you I still find Table Topics daunting but Toastmasters have taught me so much. I love Toastmasters and am passionate about Toastmasters!

Who would have thought back in 2003, that I could have spoken to an audience of one hundred or more persons this year on Project Management and Successful Leadership skills? Toastmasters have given me this confidence and wonderful opportunity to learn and be a successful communicator.