Gerard Woerlee

For many years I have been a member of two Toastmasters clubs. During that period I have visited many affiliated clubs, especially in various states of the USA. while on holidays.

My final membership years were spent with the Victoria Quay club. On reflection I have come to the conclusion that this association with the Victoria Quay club has considerably increased my fellowship skills. Through the many workshops given as part of a brilliant conceived training cycle, I have not only learned to speak with ease, but also to structure my way of speaking to make it of interest to an audience. An important part of this process was evaluating other speakers, thereby learning from their mistakes, but at the same time making friends with positive criticism. All this proved to be of great value in later life while dealing with other people. The way Victoria Quay, under the skilful leadership of David Nicholas, ismanaged has shaped this club into a top club with an enthusiastic membership