TEEM Demo Meeting Information

Toastmasters Enhanced Entertainment Membership

Come to the TEEM Demonstration Meeting

Thursday evening, March 11, at the Fremantle Bowling Club in Ellen St – 6.45 for a 7pm start

Cliff Boer

Cliff Boer is a master speaker.  In 2003 he won his way to the final of the World Speaking Championship in Atlanta, Georgia.

He is a brilliant communicator and he is dedicated to promoting Toastmasters.  TEEM is his contribution to enhancing the long term success of our organisation in Western Australia, soon to be our own District, District WA.  (And it would work all over the world, if there were enough Cliff’s to go around.  We are very lucky.)

I asked him “What’s your idea here, Cliff?”

“Members join,” he answered.  “They stay on average, according to statistics from World Headquarters, for 18 months.  Then they drop out.  Why?  Why can’t we hold them?  There may be pressing reasons for some, but mostly it’s because they have become bored.  I want to change that.  I want to give them ongoing options to have exciting, entertaining, challenging, growth developing processes within our Toastmaster Clubs.  That’s why I am promoting TEEM.  When it takes off,  it will revitalise clubs which use the techniques we can train members in.  By enhancing entertainment for members and clubs we will reduce the dropout rates and strengthen the new District.  It will boost membership across the State.”

Cliff has already demonstrated the power of his enhanced entertainment techniques.  Innercity Governor Gawain Simpson hosted an all day workshop for 50 lucky Toastmasters.  Read the story at https://toastmasterswa.net/teem-demo/ .

After that resounding success, I got Cliff along to deliver a shortened version to the District 73 Council Meeting held in Perth last November.  District Governor Damian Chong was so excited and impressed by the idea and the presentation that he has inspired a Club in Melbourne to bring Cliff over to run a Demonstration there in April.  Damian hopes that while he is in the East he can get Cliff to whip down to Launceston and inspire the Tasmanian Toastmasters as well.

Come to the Demonstration Meeting – don’t miss out!

Find out what it’s all about.  Meet Cliff and be inspired by his vision, his commitment and his performance.

The group will be limited to 25 members, so book early

There is a meeting charge of $10 to cover expenses.

Download the TEEM Application Form, email it to me, David Nicholas, at davidnic@iinet.net.au and pay the $10 meeting charge by EFT to the Netmasters Bank Account.  (You can give me the $10 in cash if that is more convenient.)

For any queries or more information
David Nicholas DTM
Western Division Governor
WA New Clubs Coordinator