Steve Barry DTM

Congratulations to Steve

Steve Barry
Steve Barry

Steve Barry has added Toastmasters highest award to his illustrious career in Toastmasters.

It began in June 1998 when he was one of 6 participants in a Speechcraft Course conducted at Notre Dame University by Victoria Quay.  At the end of the 6th and final session I invited the Speechcrafters to come next week to the first meeting of a new Toastmasters Club.  It was Steve, in his typical, infectiously enthusiastic manner, who responded immediately and urged everybody to come along.  They all did and so Gateway was under way.  It chartered on October 1 that year and the District 73 Governor, Dick Briggs, came across from Melbourne to join us in the celebratory Charter Dinner in December.

Steve Barry DTM – the shy one

His DTM has been a long time coming because of his shy retiring nature.  Shy?  Retiring??  Yes – bubbling, infectiously energetic Steve likes to be in the back room, encouraging others to come forward and bask in the limelight.  He will do anything for you, but he doesn’t expect anything in return.  He is probably severely embarrassed by this public acknowledgement of his success.

Fremantle Gateway

Steve was the first President of the club in 1998 and he has held most, if not all, officer roles in the club since then.  Gateway has been one of the most successful clubs in the District in those 11 years – in fact it is the second most successful club since the current award system was established.  You can see the evidence for this on a site maintained by a member of District 5 in Arizona, and identify the only club to have a slightly more distinguished record than Gateway.

Since that foundation year Steve has been the only member to maintain continuous membership.  It’s no exaggeration to call him the rock on which the club has built such a powerful record.


And it’s not just Gateway.  Powertalk was having membership problems.  Steve and Glenn Wright offered to help and became Club Coaches.  The success of their diligent work with a lot of help from Ross Wilkinson and Sue Voloczi was recorded this year when the club was Presidents Distinguished in the nick of time in June.

Fremantle Gourmet – why not?

Gourmet is another great success story – in collaboration with Ross Wilkinson again.  Steve was the inaugural President.  You can read the story of the foundation of that very successful club and Steve’s pivotal role in it at Fremantle Gourmet Charter

I have been privileged to know and admire Steve Barry since that first Speechcraft meeting in June 1998. He is a big man with a big record of success and it’s a great honour to be his friend.

David Nicholas DTM

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  1. Avatar for Robyn Richards Robyn Richards says:

    Congratulations Steve on a truly deserved recognition! Steve was also a Mentor for Canning Vale Toastmasters when we chartered in 2008 and his energy, enthusiasm and encouragement was greatly appreciated by all our Charter members. Well done Steve! We look forward to seeing you accept your DTM Award and celebrating with you at the Creswick Convention in May 2010.

  2. Avatar for Mark Richards Mark Richards says:

    Steve, you have finally got the recognition you deserve by reaching the DTM award.
    I too have had the priveledge to work alongside Steve and I can tell you his enthusiasm and positive nature is highly infectious. When I was Western Division Governor in 2007/08, one of my Area Governors could not continue his role due to personal reasons and the first person I turned to was Steve Barry. Steve accepted the challenge without a moments hesitation and then asked “what do I have to do?”. He fullfilled the role with great aplomb leading the Area to Presidents Distinguished and then handing all the acolades to everyone else. That’s just Steve.
    When Steve volunteered to be the Mentor at Canning Vale along with Ross, I knew the club was going to be very successful being in such capable hands. Steve’s exceptional evaluation style has rubbed off on many of the members and the club is so much better off because of him.
    Congratulations Steve, you deserve it.DTM.

    Mark Richards
    District 73 LGM

  3. Avatar for Billy Griffiths Billy Griffiths says:

    My sincere congatulations Steve on your having attained the standing of DTM.
    Along with Robyn and Mark, in my opinion, your are a most worthy recipient of
    this award and my good wishes for you are, that you will, if you so choose, go
    on to even greater achievements within the structure of TMI.
    People such as yourself, are all too few in our world of “Me First, Me Second
    and if there is anything left, Me again”

    Good on yer Big Guy.


    Billy G

  4. Avatar for Mike Helm Mike Helm says:

    Congratulations to Steve for a fitting milestone for such a great contributor to Toastmasters. My own experience of Steve would be shared with many others. You can’t help but be swept along with Steve’s enthusiasm; and feel good about yourself because of Steve’s positive feedback. Steve is always a gentleman and a walking example of Toastmasters’ tradition of service leadership. Well done, Steve

  5. Avatar for Sue Voloczi Sue Voloczi says:

    Congratulations, Steve – and many thanks for your support at PowerTalk.

  6. Avatar for Gilly Street Gilly Street says:

    I am honoured to be president of Fremantle Gateway Toastmasters when the very first president achieves his DTM. Steve’s CRCs have always been encouraging, helpful and inspiring. Congratulations Steve!

  7. Well done Steve. It really is an inspiration to read here of your accomplishments. As a relative newcomer to the ‘Toastmasters scene’ it is wonderful to read that you can be a quiet achiever.

    It wasn’t until I read the comments above that I reflected on your presence at meetings and training sessions I’ve attended. I realised that you aren’t the one at the front by and large but one of the many toiling away in the background ‘making things work’. Having been involved in a number of Clubs and Organisations before I know the pivitol role that people such as yourself play.

    Once again well done Steve.

  8. Avatar for Peter Jordan Peter Jordan says:

    During one of my first meetings at Canning Vale, Steve gave a speech about one of his first true loves. Towards the conclusion of the speech, Steve unveiled a portrait of a motorbike. This is still one of the best speeches I have seen; however it was Steve’s gusto that sold me on Toastmasters.
    Due to Steve’s work during Canning Vale’s formation his infectious enthusiasm runs deep through our clubs fabric, and is evident every Tuesday night.

    Thanks Steve and Congratulations

  9. Avatar for Dave Dave says:

    My conngratulations to you Steve!

    I have not personally met you, however, word of your success and empathy has spread far and wide within TMI.

    DTM is more than fitting and I’m sure you will continue up the ladder and help many other members along the way.

    Kindest Regards,

  10. Avatar for Jenny Ramshaw Jenny Ramshaw says:

    My sincere congratulations go to you Steve 🙂 You truly deserve this award!!! I met you in the early days of Canning Vale Toastmasters. Your encouragement gave me the courage to continue on my journey to become a competent speaker.
    I’d also like to add, that your speeches have been some of the most entertaining I have had the priviledge of listening to.
    Well Done!!!!

  11. Avatar for Peter Law Peter Law says:


    Congratulations on your achievement of DTM. The DTM is for some what seems an unattainable goal. Your inspiration, leadership and work within TI will help many to continue towards their DTM.

    I look forward to meting you and possibly hearing one of your speeches I have heard so much about.

    Well done

    Peter Law
    Area Govenor W21

  12. Avatar for Angel Angel says:

    Congratulations Steve! You are an inspiration to us all! Thank you for welcoming Sugat and I for our first Toastmasters meeting. It has been and will always be a privilege meeting you. Your positive nature and generous personality is one of the reasons that encourages people to continuously come to the Toastmasters meetings. Wishing you more success in the future! =)

    Ayngilessa (Angel) Tady
    Gateway Toastmasters Member 2009

  13. Avatar for Jon Starling Jon Starling says:


    Well done on your fantastic achievement.
    Your enthusiasm and constructive feed back has helped to convince me to continue
    With my Toastmaster aspirations at Gateway.
    Congratulations again.
    Best Regards

    Jon Starling

  14. Avatar for Steve Barry Steve Barry says:

    To all of the very generous and supportive people in Toastmasters

    They say ‘It wont happen overnight, but it will happen!’ Its so heartwarming to receive such positive feedback on achieving a goal. These responses, emails and phone calls are incredibly good news for the soul. Nearly all of the milestones for the DTM are completed in a team environment and I want to just say thanks to everyone who has helped me over the years. It has been an absolute pleasure working with each and every one of you. From David, who organised the original Speechcraft course I attended, to Ross, without whose help, I definitely wouldn’t have made it! Thanks again and keep up the exceptional work that you all do.

    Kindest and Best Regards


  15. Avatar for Jenny Barry Jenny Barry says:

    Can’t resist putting in a congrats from the family. As the big sister (well, old anyway), I could tell a few tales but I am sure you have all heard them over the years as Steve has mined his experiences for Tall Tales and True at the Toastmasters Meetings!
    Actually, I for one am proud of his achievements and have been more than impressed at the respectful way in which he deals with others. I have been hearing him talk of his involvement with Toastmasters over the years and know how important it has been for him. Hence, it is good to see this enthusiasm has been “contagious” and that he has had such a positive impact in assisting others to reach their potential in this (what for many is) daunting activity. I have to agree that he is a genuinely nice bloke and it shows – it must have been all that loving support from his siblings when he was a much littler bloke (it’s true, he used to be less than 2 feet tall)!
    Love Jenny

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