South West COT a HUGE Success

On Sunday July 18 many dedicated Toastmasters from Perth headed to Busselton to carry out some very important duties . We ran the Club Officer Training for the whole Area W29 with the help of a couple of very experienced members from within the Area. I was excited to see so many non Club Officers attend. Toastmaster for the day, Shaun Palmer, the Area Governor and member of Margaret River Toastmasters, took his lead from the wealth of experience the members from Perth had to offer. Judging by the feedback forms I have just read, I would say most of the participants enjoyed the day and gleaned a few ideas to take back to their clubs or even to think about themselves as being able to continue further afield than completing their CC manual.

I would like to thank every member from Perth who volunteered their weekend to help the members in Area W29. Without your support this training would not have been nearly as successful or as much fun. I hope you all had a terrific weekend and gained some experience to help you further your Toastmasters skills.

To the members of the clubs in Area W29, thank you for your attendance and participation at Club Officer Training. I hope you all had as much fun as we did and we know by the buzz in that room, you have learned of some wonderful tools to help you in your year ahead in the important role you play at your club. Congratulations and we all look forward to the next Road Trip to W29.

Robyn Richards
Robyn Richards DTM
Western Division Governor