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Canning Vale shows the way

Canning Vale members at Bunnings

Canning Vale will be sending a major group of members to the District 73 Convention and Council in Creswick in May this year. The club wishes to support these members with some financial help – which is definitely within the Guidelines.

Below is John Palmer’s account of the great success they have had with a Sausage Sizzle at a Bunnings site. It could be a model for other clubs who wish to raise money – Victoria Quay have already booked two such events at Bunnings stores later in the year.

Canning Vale will be sending a major group of members to the District 73 Convention and Council in Creswick in May this year.
The club wishes to support these members with some financial help – which is definitely within the Guidelines.
Below is John Palmer’s account of the great success they have had with a Sausage Sizzle at a Bunnings site.

Two Birds With One Stone

A story about a successful membership drive/fundraising event and how you can replicate it.

Do you want a sausage?

It’s amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it. An opportunity arose to run a sausage sizzle at Bunnings Cockburn on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd January 2010. We had four days notice! Fortunately Bunnings provided the BBQ, gas, gazebo and gave us a source of supply for the sausages, onions, sauces, rolls, drinks and serviettes.We thought it prudent to use these sources rather than try to find our own, only because we had such short notice.

Bunnings is located fairly close to the Successful Toastmasters Club so we decided to promote Successful rather than the Canning Vale Toastmasters Club, as it is more critical to build membership at Successful. However, the fundraising would go to Canning Vale as it supplied the labour force.

It is too early to speculate on the success of the membership drive, but as for fundraising, we made in excess of $1,500 profit on the weekend. It should be a win/win situation for both clubs.

Here is a step-by-step plan for running a successful membership drive and fundraising event through Bunnings. It may be possible to follow these same steps when dealing with other shopping complexes.

1. Apply to Bunnings in writing asking to put on a sausage sizzle. Make sure they realise Toastmasters is a non-profit organisation. Be prepared to wait six months or more before you are rostered on.

2. Review the material from Bunnings very carefully, noting exactly what you need to provide and what Bunnings will provide.

3. Download the Certificate of Currency for the liability insurance, and email it to Bunnings.

4. When dates of your sausage sizzle are known, let the club know and talk it up so everyone will get involved.

5. As Bunnings will supply the BBQ, gas and gazebo, you will need to provide everything else. This will include:

a. Sausages
b. Onions
c. Sauces
d. Drinks
e. Serviettes
f. Wipes
g. Rubber gloves
h. BBQ tools
i. Disinfectant spray
j. Signage, banners, flyers, magasines
k. Staff
l. Rubbish bags
m. Eskies
n. Cash box and float of $100
o. On-going supply of ice.

6. Determine sources of supply for all products. Bunnings may recommend Sycan Meats for sausages, onions, serviettes, sauces and drinks. We used them and were delighted with the quality of sausages, very low in fat. Everything was delivered at 7.30am cold. However, the drinks were expensive, 70cents each and we later topped up our supply at 50cents each. Sausages could be sourced cheaper as well but Sycan delivers and provides a complete service.

7. When you have the staff organised, they will need to be rostered into groups of 4 or 5 and for not more than 3 hours each group.

8. The first group, or perhaps two people, should arrive at 7.15 at the latest. Set up the BBQ, set up the gazebo with help from Bunnings, and get Bunnings to connect gas bottle. (We’re not allowed to.) Have about a dozen sausages ready by 8.00am. The balance of the first group should be in place by 8.00am.

9. Try to allocate the cooking of sausages and onions to an experienced and willing cook. Another worker should put sausages in bun, wrap bun in serviette, and deliver to customer. Another worker should take customer order, fetch drinks, and take money. Another worker should supply the cook with raw sausages and onions, and keep the eskies full of drinks. If you have a spare body, he/she can talk to customers about Toastmasters, hand out flyers, and relieve any of the other workers.

10. The second team of 4 or 5 people should be in place by 11.00am as this is the start of the busy period.

11. The final team should arrive by about 1.30pm and close up shop after 4.00pm. All product must be kept cold overnight in eskies with lots of ice. All rubbish must be removed from the site at the end of each day.

12. The teams should be in mobile phone communication so as to purchase more drinks or ice as needed before coming in.

13. If there are sausages, and drinks left over at the end of the second day, these can be either sold to participants at cost or distributed freely amongst helpers.

14. All money should be counted daily and turned over to the club’s treasurer.

When the club has completed its sausage sizzle make sure it books the next one as the lead time will likely be at least six months. Good luck and happy sizzling.

A note about fundraising for Toastmaster organisations

Toastmasters International permits, and in fact encourages, Clubs to raise money for educational purposes. There are strict rules – you can view the Guidelines here Fundraising TI SectionVID11

Thanks to John Palmer for the story

John Palmer
John Palmer

8 Responses to “Sausage Sizzle Fundraising”

  1. Avatar for Phyll Lightbody Phyll Lightbody says:

    Great job John, I think you covered it all. What a busy weekend we had & lots of fun & hard work, but very rewarding for our club. We look forward to our next Sausage Sizzle.

  2. Avatar for Andre Andre says:

    Well John and Team for a great effort in such a short time. And you forgot an important point about the Sausage sizzle …. the team achieved this outcome in sizzling temperatures too 39-40 degrees that weekend. Cheers Andre

  3. Avatar for Damian Chong Damian Chong says:

    Thank you John and Canning Vale for sharing your story and enthusiasm in promoting Toastmasters in the community.
    You have shown an example of Exceeding Expectations by going that extra mile in ownership of your members’ development. It takes significant financial pressures off your members to get to far flung places that is typical in our District at present.

    Look forward to see you there in May.

    Damian Chong

  4. Avatar for Dave Dave says:

    An excellently run event, very smooth & efficient even when we had a few ‘BIG ORDERS’!

    I am definitely sizzled out after cooking so many sausages… 🙂

  5. Avatar for Shelley Shelley says:

    Hi John

    Thanks for the guidelines! Our community centre is looking to run a sausage sizzle in Hyde Park soon and this has helped enormously. May I ask where you got the 50c drinks, the cans on special at Woolies worked out to be 70c each …?


    • Avatar for John Palmer John Palmer says:

      Hi Shelley:
      The 50 cent drinks were a special at Big W in Livingston Shopping Centre on the weekend. They are certainly cheaper than Woolies, but you may not get them as low as 50cents.



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  7. Avatar for Bruce Hill Bruce Hill says:

    Hi everyone.

    Personally I have no issue with the concept both for fundraising and advertising purposes and have helped with sausage sizzles both at Bunnings near Northland and outside Mitre 10 in Heidelberg to raise funds for Special Olympics Victoria.

    However, whilst I think it is a great idea, we do have to be careful that any fundraising we engage in in the name of Toastmasters is in accordance with Toastmasters International policies. The policy relating to fundraising is detailed in the District Leadership Handbook, and is also included on the TI website at the following link:

    Sorry, but I don’t think that a sausage sizzle would fit TI’s acceptable fundraising activities, as this activity would be equivalent to the “pancake breakfast” mentioned in activities that are not approved, as this could be classed as an activity outside the normal venue that raises the organization’s liability risk. I think you would also have to answer ‘No’ to the question “Is the product that you sell donated” if you are buying the sausages (even if you are improving upon the product by cooking them).

    If you wish to continue with these fundraising activities, I would recommend that you ask them at TI HQ as their website indicates that if you have questions about fundraising activities, please contact World Headquarters. It might be worth asking them at TI HQ as was done with respect of the Australian TV Public Speaking Championship with the result that District 73 obtained approval for Toastmasters members to participate.

    Bruce Hill
    LGET District 73

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