WA Toastmasters in 2008/09

We have 3 Divisions in the new year

In 2007/08 there were 2 Divisions with 8 Areas. However, we added 12 new clubs during the year, so now we have 3 Divisions with 11 Areas. The new Division is Innercity, while Perth and Western are retained.

This is the structure of Divisions, Areas and Clubs for WA in 2008/09

Innercity Perth Western
Governor Ian Pickens Governor Bill Hewitt Ross Wilkinson
Area Governor Clubs Area Governor Clubs Area Governor Clubs
I40 Michael Durack P10 Cybele Talkabout W16 Sarah Foothills
  Malone Terrace   Katavatis Sandgropers   Duxbury Successful
    Riverside     Stirling     Southsiders
    Young Guns     Northern Lights     Canning Vale
I41 Pat JusTalk P20 Leonor Subiaco Early Birds W21 Pascale Fremantle Gateway
  Wallace-Bell Northbridge   Ragan WA Governors   Amberville- Victoria Quay
    Central Communicators     Maunsell   Colby Amity
    Ngarlundhu Wangka     UWA     Fremantle Gourmet
I42 Narayanan City of Perth P30 Gladys Banyandah W28 Sue Powertalk
  Rajaraman West End   Lavell Trackside   Voloczi Western Founders
    Rising Stars     Swan     Cannington Communicators
    Marketers     Morning Star     Netmasters
          Touch of Gold      
I43 Peter St Georges       W29 Lea Bunbury
  Dhu Curtin GSB         Fernance Mandjar
    The A-Team           Margaret River
    Electric Toasters           Jetty
    Young Professionals