Excellence in Public Speaking Clubs

The Distinguished Club Program

The Program sets 10 Goals. Clubs which achieve all or most of these Goals will be functioning very well and will be successful.

There is a Membership Requirement

At year end (June 30) the club must have at least 20 members
Or a net growth during the year of a least 5 members.

The 10 Goals

  1. 2 CCs – member Competent Communicator Awards
  2. at least 2 more CCs
  3. 1 AC – member Advanced Communicator Award
  4. at least 1 more AC
  5. 1 CL, AL Bronze, AL Silver or DTM – these are leadership awards
  6. at least 1 more CL, AL Bronze, AL Silver or DTM
  7. 4 new members
  8. at least 4 more new members
  9. A minimum of 4 club officers trained during each of 2 training periods
  10. 1 membership renewal report and 1 club officer list submitted on time

The Club Awards

5 Goals Achieved: Distinguished Club
7 Goals Achieved: Select Distinguished Club
9 Goals Achieved: President’s Distinguished Club