Club Officer Training Report Feb 2007

Mike Helm

The Fremantle Bowling Club, February 8, 2007

Perth Division Governor Mike Helm organised the training which was hosted by Victoria Quay. About 30 Officers from Perth and Western Divisions attended. The training is offered to help Officers carry out their roles more efficiently and successfully. Toastmasters International encourages Clubs to use the training by making it one of the 10 Goals in the Distinguished Club Program – the DCP.

Glenis Nicholas DTM

Glenis Nicholas DTM, the Area P10 Governor, was Toastmaster for the evening. Not only did she run the Agenda smoothly and efficiently, but she organised an excellent supper. The preparation had been done before she stood up to open the meeting, so it all looked so simple as the various segments flowed through. A traffic jam on Canning Highway threatened to delay the start of the meeting, but it didn’t.

Jenelle ProvostMike planned the evening around a central theme of Marketing. Jenelle Provost from the Department of Housing and Works shared her extensive experience as a print and TV journalist with the ABC. She had many practical suggestions for us to adapt to our individual club situations ranging from how to structure press releases, through distributing bookmarks to the crucial importance of a current website to recruit new members.

Mike Helm urged Officers to grow a tree for their clubs. Yes, he used to work in the Department of Environment and Conservation, but he didn’t advocate those kinds of trees. He urged us to build up structured lists of contacts for our clubs which will be invaluable in our marketing activities.

Natashya Cox

Natashya Cox chaired a panel presentation from 3 Vice Presidents Membership – Hannes Barnard from Rising Stars, Steve Barry from Gateway and Michael Malone from Durack.

Michael Malone

They focussed their and our attention on successful approaches to club marketing. Hannes described the hard work and the resulting great success of a Demonstration Meeting which has netted 8 new members to date, with 13 more good prospects. Steve Barry focussed attention on how to handle visitors to convert them to new members. Of course Michael (pictured) had much to say about websites.

Then Supper, as organised by Glenis, with a lot of back room help from Alan Smith, the Convention 2007 Treasurer. It was a great success.

While we were all feeling replete from supper, Ian Pickens urged us to register for the District 73 Convention being held in Fremantle in May 2007. Victoria Quay is hosting the Convention

And then David Nicholas ran a short session on the HPL – the High Performance Leadership project. Besides the leadership training and experience it offers, it is a mandatory requirement for the DTM award – Distinguished Toastmaster.

Roy Miller

Finally, Roy Miller, the Western Division Governor, chaired a brainstorming session on Developing marketing ideas for clubs. Officers divided into 4 groups and reported back to the plenary session.

It ended on time!

Yes, it did, thanks to efficient control from our Toastmaster, and quiet work at the side from Timer Mark Richards, W21 Governor.

Yes, the training session was a great success. If you couldn’t make it to this one, there is a final session at Heathcote on Saturday afternoon, February 24.

David Nicholas DTM