P13 Contests Mar 07

Perth Division, March 8, 2007


P13 Area Governor Bill Hewitt organised the International and the Evaluation Contests. Roy Miller, the Western Division Governor, was Contest Chair for the night. They seem to be discussing something very important.

The Contests were held at the East Street Cafe in Bennett Street, East Perth. There was catering for the light supper by the Perth Institute.

David Nicholas DTM

David Nicholas DTM was Chief Judge with a panel of 8 Judges, all of whom were supposed to be anonymous. That was rather difficult in the fairly small space we had. Conditions were warm, and the International Contestants had to compete with some very loud air conditioners. Bill was grateful that the Contests were on a day that had cooled down to the low 30s, after two 42s on the days before.

The International Contest

Bobbie-Jean Taylor

There were 4 Contestants – from the 4 Areas, P10, P13, P20 and P30. Second place getter was Peter Dhu from Curtin GSB in P13. The winner was Bobbie-Jean Taylor from Northern Lights in P10.

The Evaluation Contest

Frank Cook
The Test Speech was given by Michail Overkov, from Victoria Quay. He spoke about his experiences as a trainee fireman on a steam train out of Esperance – “Full Steam Ahead”. Second place getter was Leith Cohoe from City of Perth Club in P20. The winner was Frank Cook, again from Northern Lights in P10.