Publicity in local papers

Gerry Prewett shows how

David Nicholas
David presenting the Award to Gerry

Gerry Prewett was awarded the David Nicholas Award at the Changeover Dinner on Friday, June 25. This is an award to the Toastmaster of the Year in Western Division.

How can I use this for publicity, thought Gerry?  He already had a contact at the Southern Gazette, the Community News paper covering Victoria Park and adjacent suburbs.  He established this as part of the promotion for the new Victoria Park Toastmasters, which he and Sandra Morton chartered recently.  So he rang the Southern Gazette and they were very happy to run a local interest story.  They made a photographer available, and Gerry set up a meeting at his workplace with the photographer and David Nicholas.  Have a look at the Southern Gazette story.

Local papers want local interest stories. They have to be newsworthy. It’s not news that you have a group which wants free advertising. It is news if a member wins an award, or is involved in some special local project. Use your imagination here.

Gerry used his imagination and did something with it. You can too.

David Nicholas DTM
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3 Responses to “Publicity in local papers”

  1. Avatar for John Palmer John Palmer says:

    Well done Gerry and David. I’ll get in touch with the local newspaper in Gosnells and see if our charted dinner with the Hon. Peter Abetz, member for Southern River and Mayor of Gosnells applies.

    Sorry you missed the evening both of you; it was a great success.



  2. Avatar for Auriole D'Souza Auriole D'Souza says:

    I saw this in my local newspaper and cut it out for my file. Well done Gerry on your achievement. cheers. Auriole

  3. Avatar for Gerry Prewett Gerry Prewett says:

    This is the third picture story we have provided to the Southern Gazette this year. We used our 50th Meeting celebration here at Cannington and the proposed launch of the Victoria Park Club for additional stories. For tha latter we managed to get the Mayor of Vic Park along too.

    You have to use your imagination a little to think why they would use your story, create the angle for them. In your case John with Southern River you have a Community Club being recognised by TI as a fully fledged Club AND a politician taking time out during an election to help you celebrate. It helps if you can do it in advance and give them chance to get a photographer along. The power of a picture is remarkable!

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