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A new opportunity for Public Relations in WA

Robyn Lloyd, the President of Western Founders, has proposed we pursue a new style of Public Relations to publicize Toastmasters in WA.  Of course it could be used anywhere in Australia, and probably most of the world.  It comes from Robyn’s highly successful project at Murdoch University Open Day on Friday, February 12, 2010.  You can read about the Open Day and the Canning Vale Sausage Sizzle on January 2nd & 3rd, 2010.

Robyn Lloyd
Robyn Lloyd

This is a summary of Robyn’s proposal, prepared from her recent email.

A marketing opportunity

With a community focus there is a marketing opportunity to promote WA Toastmasters clubs by using events such as Markets, Sausage Sizzles and University Open Days.

Community Events Coordinator

This will be a new role.  It will be similar to the Speechcraft Coordinator function.

The Coordinator’s role

This marketing strategy is aimed having a presence (stall) at local markets/ fairs/ festivals and various events that are held regularly  throughout the state or as annual events. The Coordiantor’s role will be

    To compile a list of such events and make it available to clubs.
    To store and make available a range of support materials for events – banners, handouts etc
    To prepare help files and make them available on appropriate web sites
    To publicise the available opportunities to Toastmaster members and officers

Coordinators relationship to WA Toastmasters Officers

The Coordinator would work with and alongside existing TM Marketing positions and strategies.  It is not intended that anyone’s role is to be taken over.  We need lots of strategies.

Contribute to the discussion

We need to engage in an energetic discussion to devise the best possible approach to this opportunity.

2 Responses to “Markets Sausage Sizzles Uni Open Days”

  1. Avatar for Gerry Prewett Gerry Prewett says:

    I have worked with Robyn recently at Murdoch Uni, Vic Park Markets and will be again later today at Curtin Uni.

    We had a wonderful day at Murdoch and it revealed that there are pockets of untapped potential at Universities where we hve no presence.

    The Vic Park Markets was an entirely different affair but was used as a tool to promote the new Vic Park Club (Demo meeting 8 March, contact me for details). This was what I consider a Community Event and called for a differennt approach.

    During discussions with Robyn and Sandra Morton towards the end of the day we tossed around some of the ideas Robyn has discussed. What also became evident to me was the massive market in the Northern corridor waiting to be serviced. We need to develop a Marketing Strategy and I believe whilst the PRO Community Events Co-ordinator is a desirable role there should be a group or committee in order that we don’t put too much work on one person.

    I spoke about how we develop and nurture our leaders at the Governor’s Club meeting. We need to support people in these roles not to put pressure on them.

    Great initiative Robyn and I’ve been really pleased to take part.

  2. Avatar for Ian Pickens Ian Pickens says:

    This is a great initiative toward a membership drive. I will be very interested to see the level of increased membership growth as a result of this initiative. Using the attendance at University open days and community markets is another way of advertising the great service we have and generating interest.

    Western Australia needs a strategic plan toward effective growth for both club, and membership numbers in current clubs. This initiative offers another level to the scope of that plan

    I believe the strategy taken by Canningvale, Applecross, and Highgate to target the geographical area with mail drop advertising that generated sufficient interest to start a club is the level of intensity WA needs to adopt. Initiating membership in this forum is a cheaper albeit more labour intensive bottom up approach

    Well done Robyn and all your supporters on the stalls.

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