Contest Results from Perth Division

The Contests were held at Durack House on Wednesday evening, April 2, 2008

Thanks to Bill Hewitt for this story and the picture of Tri

Tri Suseno
Tri Suseno

Tri Suseno from Young Guns scooped the pool. He represented P30 in both the International and the Evaluation Contests.

He will represent Perth Division at the District Convention in Lilydale in May.

The International

His speech was titled “How to fail in Life”. It was a message for all of us – don’t do the stuff that will make you fail!!!!! The speech was entertaining, informative and delivered with Tri’s flair. If you didn’t hear it you missed out!!! The runner up was Al Tassone from Curtin and he excelled himself. The title of his speech “Just Smile” is a reflection on a period of Al’s life while he was an apprentice chef and is one of his most cherished lessons.

Gawain Simpson (“Step up”) set the standard as the first speaker delivering a very thought provoking personal story with his call to action for us to “step up” when times are tough. The final contestant was Jeremy Mowe (“The Power of Forgiveness”) who shared some historical moments to show that the power to forgive is important for all of us. Both should be proud of their achievements.

Well done to all contestants and congratulations to Tri and Al on your great efforts!!!

The Evaluation Contest

Glaucia Hyland from Curtin was the Test Speaker. Her speech title was “What’s in a Flag” (It was her Project 8 Speech). The material was well researched and then presented in Glaucia’s clear, confident, organised style. Glaucia, as always, like Al, smiled and engaged the audience throughout the presentation. Well done and a big thanks to Glaucia for standing up and helping out with the contest and allowing the Evaluating Contestants compete!!

Tri gave a very well delivered thoughtful, analytical and motivational evaluation to win this contest. I thought it was fantastic, as did the Judges and Glaucia. The Judges and Glaucia couldn’t be wrong!!!

The runner up was Pascale Amberville-Colby who delivered his evaluation in his unforgettable style and was rewarded with second place. Pascale also coordinated and pulled the contest together and had one of the largest contingents of TM Volunteers seen at a contest.

David Barton and Jeremy Mowe should both be proud of their achievements.
Well done to all contestants and congratulations to Tri and Pascale on your success.


Special thanks go to Western Division Governor Mark Richards as the Chief Judge and all the volunteers, Ann, Charles, Christine, Johannes, Judith, Kevin, Leith, Leonor, Liz, Lynne, Lynette, Maree, Martin, Mauve, Nola and Taia.

Durack Toastmasters were the host club and provided the venue and a sumptuous supper enjoyed by all. A very big thank you to Durack.
The trophies were presented by District 73 Governor Mike Helm and Division Governor Gil Alexander.

Pascale thanked all his volunteers, the contestants, test speaker and the audience (including members from our newly formed Ngarlundhu Wangka club) for their contribution to very entertaining, inspiring and educational evening.

The Perth Division Contest was thoroughly enjoyed by all and many of us look forward to witnessing the District Contests at Lilydale in May 2008.

Bill Hewitt

Young Guns Secretary

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