Area P10 Contest Results

P10 held the 2008 Evaluation & International Contests on March 26

Nola Walsh

Talkabout Toastmasters hosted it at their Club venue at the Victoria League Club in Onslow Road, Shenton Park. We were welcomed by Sergeant at Arms Mark and Club President Jane Coley.
Contest Chair for the night was Nola Walsh, the Talkabout VP Education.

Our 4 Clubs

I have 4 clubs in my Area. They are
Talkabout of course
Northern Lights

The Evaluation Contest

David Barton

Ian Pickens delivered the Test Speech. With his pillow at the beginning of his speech he looked in danger of falling asleep. Amazingly, after he had urged us to do something discrimination in our society and in the world, he ended the speech by actually laying his pillow on the floor, lying down and falling asleep! Fortunatley, he woke up quickly when the applause broke out.

The Judges conferred, led by Chief Judge Charles Fisher, and at the end of the evening came the results

First was David Barton from Stirling.
Second was Gay McNamara from Sandgropers

The International Contest

Gawain Simpson

We had 4 excellent speeches.

First was Gawain Simpson from Sandgropers
Second was Jane Coley from Talkabout

The Perth Division Final

David and Gawain will represent us at the Perth Division Final being held at Durack House, in Adelaide Terrace, on Wednesday evening, April 3rd. We hope they will win and represent the Division at the District final in Melbourne in May.

David Nicholas DTM
P10 Area Governor

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