Ngarlundu Wangka is chartered

District 73’s first Indigenous club

Ngarlundhu Wangka – the club’s name takes a word each from an Indigenous language in the north and south of Western Australia, combined to mean “my words”. Membership is open to members of the Indigenous community.

The idea of a club for members of the Indigenous community came from Maurice Agale, a policy officer in the Perth office of the National Native Title Tribunal, in an email to our community contact, Eric Davies, in the middle of last year. District Governor Mike Helm followed up in a number of meetings with Maurice. Maurice loved the Toastmasters concept, started putting the word around and secured sponsorship from the Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

Mike was strongly assisted by WA New Clubs Coordinator David Nicholas, and was fortunate to recruit as club mentor Rising Stars member Durga Bhamidipaty who has a strong empathy for people and commitment to their development.

A freak storm didn’t help to attract people our demonstration meeting in December and we had a small turnout. About 17 people attended our second meeting in February. The next two meetings involved a small group of the commiteds plus a few who came along to check us out. Our meeting on 19th March was a breakthrough with an impressive group of guests who agreed to sign up, taking the club to charter strength.

Already, we can see the improvement in members’ presentation skills, and some new members have reported that Toastmasters has given them new confidence, improvement in family communication and has even helped with a successful job application.

At a national Indigenous conference in Perth later this year, the new club is planning a debate against Australia’s only other Indigenous club from Redfern, New South Wales.

The Club Executive

MauriceAgale_President.jpg MikeHelm_VPE.jpg LaurelSellers_VPM.jpg
Maurice Agale
Mike Helm
Vice President Education
Laurel Sellers
Vice President Membership
StephenGrech_VPPR.jpg CarlyLane_Sec.jpg SarahStokoe_Treasurer.jpg
Stephen Grech
Vice President Public Relations
Carly Lane
Sarah Stokoe

The Club’s Founders are Mike Helm and David Nicholas, while the Mentors guiding the Club for its first 6 months are Sarah Stokoe and Durga Bhamidipaty.

When we look at their achievements so far and the great potential for the club and its members, what else can you say but Ngarlundhu Wangka – MY WORD!

Thanks to District 73 Governor, Mike Helm for the bulk of this story

David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator

3 Responses to “Ngarlundu Wangka is chartered”

  1. Avatar for Cat Cat says:

    Great concept. Would really like to know if there is something like this set up in Victoria? Thanks

  2. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    Hello Cat.

    No, there isn’t one in Victoria yet. But surely there could be.

    You could contact our chief marketing Officer who is in Victoria – Carrol Jones – and suggest you would help her to set one up.

  3. Avatar for Maurice Agale Maurice Agale says:

    Hi Cat if you need some names of people who may be interested in helping I could find some with my contact list.

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