New Clubs – Jan to June 2008

Why do we need new Clubs?

Just like clubs always need to be looking for new members, so WA always needs to be looking to grow with new clubs.

We have a pafticular need right now

There is a strong chance that we can form our own District in the next few years if we can grow our club numbers to 60. That will be a great advance for us – all our District Contests and Annual Conventions will be held in WA rather than mostly in Fictoris and South Australia. It is worth working for.

We have many opportunities right now to form new Clubs

I am the WA New Clubs Coordinator. We have a steering committee which has been very active. Already one new Club has been chartered – that is WA Governors – and 3 more have reached Charter strength and are about to be Chartered – Touch of Gold in Kalgoorlie, Mausells in North Perth and Electric Toasters in central Perth. 6 more Clubs are being set up right now. There is interest in and plans for more than 8 more clubs besides these. So, you can see there are many new clubs starting or on the drawing boards.

What’s in it for you to take part in forming new Clubs?

  • It is a leadership opportunity which will expand your skills

There are many important roles, and they give you the opportunity to try out new skills and practise themn in a supportive environment. You will take these leadership skills into your work and business roles outside Toastmasters.

  • You can achieve a necessary qualification for your DTM

Distinguuished Toastmaster (DTM) is the highest award in Toastmasters International. One of the critical qualificastions is to be a Founder or Mentor of a new Club. (or to be a Club Coach for a failing Club) With new Clubs there are many opportunities for you to beet this requirement and to be recognized for your achievement.

  • There is a lot of advice and practical help available for you.

Our New Clubs Committee includes major Toastmaster leaders and people with practical experience in setting up New Clubs. They are still actively working to form New Clubs. They will welcome your help, and train you in the necessary skills.

Where can you get more information?

David Nicholas is the WA New Clubs Coordinator. Start with him. Or contact one the talented committee.

    Mike Helm – District 73 Governor
    Gil Alexander – Perth Division Governor
    Mark Richards – Western Division Governor
    Jeanette Farrar – District 73 Secretary
    Michael Malone – P30 Area Governor
    Ross Wilkinson – W28 Area Governor
    Eric Davies – WA Community Contact