New Clubs in WA – the problem


Have we really got a problem?

Yes we have – the best kind of problem. We have so many new clubs coming onstream that we are running out of Founders and Mentors to service them.

Check out the list of coming new clubs below, but first read about the Founder/Mentor crisis and opportunity.

Why do we need Founders and Mentors

Founders set up the club and take it through to Charter. A Club is chartered when there are at least 20 financial members, Officers have been elected, Bylaws have been established, and fees paid to World Headquarters. Two Founders can be registered at Charter.

Mentors join the club and complete at least 6 months membership. Their role is to give support and encouragement while the new members and officers get experience. Two Mentors can be registered for each new club at the time of Charter.

What’s in it for the Founders and Mentors

There are two particular rewards. The first is the satisfaction and experience gained from being a key part of the process of setting up a new club. The second is that both Founders and Mentors get credit towards a necessary requirement for the Advanced Leader Silver Award and the DTM – Distinguished Toastmaster – the highest award in Toastmasters.

Most members aiming for the DTM find this requirement the most difficult to achieve. Well, look at the possibilities below. All of these proposed new clubs are the result of confirmed interest. Some already have the necessary minimum of 20 members. Some already have all or some of the Founders/Mentors lined up. But there are plenty of opportunities available here for anybody looking for the chance to fill a Founder or Mentor role. Look for the gaps (the ?s), check the location, day and time and then choose your target.

New Clubs planned for WA in 2007/08

Club Location Day Time Founders Mentors Members
Touch of Gold Kalgoorlie Mon 7pm Davies, Allen ?? 24
WA Governors Mt Lawley Thu 6.30pm Helm, Nicholas Smith, Richards 20
Indigenous Perth Wed 5pm Helm, Nicholas ?? 0
Fremantle Gourmet Fremantle Thu 7pm Wilkinson, Barry t’Hart, ?? 12
Maunsells West Perth Tue 7am Davies, Fisher ?? 22
Electric Toasters Perth Thu 5.30pm Helm, ? ?? 23
Police East Perth ?? 7am? Cain, Adamson Hadrill, Parkin 0
Treasury 1 West Perth ?? ?? Major, ? ?? 0
Treasury 2 Cannington ?? ?? Major, ? ?? 0
Canning Vale Canning Vale ?? ?? Richards, ? ?? 0
Applecross Applecross ?? ?? ?? ?? 0
Joondalup Joondalup ?? ?? ?? ?? 0
Silver City East Perth ?? ?? Helm, ? ?? 0
Broome Broome ?? ?? ?? ?? 0
Kalgoorlie 2 Kalgoorlie Mon 7pm Davies, Allen ?? 0
Dampier Dampier ?? ?? ?? ?? 0