WA New Clubs Committee

What is the WA New Clubs Committee?

It is a group of committed Toastmasters who are working to form new Toastmaster Clubs in WA.

Who can belong to the Committee

Essentially, any Toastmaster who is interested in starting new Toastmaster Clubs in WA, or helping other members to do so.

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM

How do you join?

It is very easy. You contact the WA New Clubs Coordinator, David Nicholas DTM. That is me.

I will put you on the mailing list so you can attend our meetings and become an active member of our program.

What do we do?

We meet regularly at David’s home in Shelley.  The first meeting for 2010/11 is on Sunday afternoon, July 25, from 3.00-4.00pm.  The meeting will last precisely 60 minutes.  There will be afternoon tea for those who want to stay and continue the discussion, but you can rely on getting away to important other commitments.

If you would like to attend these meetings, email David.

Is the WA New Clubs Committee an official District Committee?

It isn’t an official District 73 Committee.

It originated in 2002 when I met the then District 73 Lt Governor Marketing, Peter Iredale, at a District 73 Convention. We discussed his hope that new clubs would be formed across the District. I volunteered to work for that in WA. I called myself the WA New Clubs Coordinator. For several years I was the only formal member of the Committee, though I did work with committed members as we built up the number of clubs in WA.

Mike Helm
Mike Helm DTM

The May 2007 District Convention at Fremantle

Mike Helm was elected District Governor at the Fremantle Council of District 73 in May, 2007.  He was the first West Australian to hold the top position.  The outgoing District Governor, Geoff Morrissey, raised the issue of a possible split of District 73, to give West Australia this status in its own right.  At the time it was called the Reformation Proposal, but I renamed it District WA, because that is what it means to us.

The New Clubs Committee was activated

It was obvious that if we were to be successful in the bid, we would need to build up our Club base from the 36 we had at July 1, 2007. So I called a meeting of what I named The New Clubs Committee, with myself as the Coordinator. 8 of us met together and planned an overall strategy. A key member was District Governor Mike Helm. Mike and I worked out a key implementation plan – we founded WA Governors. Governors has several important roles, but the crucial one that year was driving the formation of new clubs.

We were phenomenally successful, with 12 new clubs chartered during the year. All those clubs are still active. One of them, UWA, chartered on June 30, 2008, was Presidents Distinguished by June 30, 2009. WA Governors was Distinguished.

In the most recent year, 2009/10 there were 6 new clubs chartered in WA.  All had Founders who attended the New Clubs Committee Meeting in July 2009.

Where to from now?

Of course it is onwards, ever onwards. Our WA New Clubs Committee and Coordinator roles have now been copied in the other States that make up District 73. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. They will have their own style. We wish them well. In the meantime, contact me if you want any more information, or help in starting a new club.

Have a look at two files I have prepared as a help in planning to start new community clubs.

Community Clubs Overview

Community Clubs Checklist

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
0401 011 212