New Clubs 2009-10

We have 6 new clubs in WA for the year 2009/10

We lost 2 clubs, so we grew from 51 clubs to 55 at the end of the Toastmaster year.

The Area quoted is where it was chartered.  It may be assigned to a different area in 2010/11.

Club Name Number Charter Date Area Founders Mentors
CSBP 1372829 Dec 06, 2010 P30 Martin Lindsay Robert Thomey Mark Richards Pascale Amberville-Colby
Mundaring 1371947 May 08, 2010 P30 Judith Allen Gladys Lavell Steve Dunn Claire Wheeler
Southern River 1363463 May 10, 2010 W16 John Palmer Michael Palmer Jenny Ramshaw Jodie Tapper
Victoria Park 1437841 Jun 01, 2010 W28 Gerry Prewett Sandra Morton Tim Blackburn Robyn Lloyd
TEEM 1505004 Jun 15, 2010 W21 David Nicholas Gawain Simpson Bill Hewitt Peter McDonnell
Toast2Fs 1506626 Jun 17, 2010 I40 David Nicholas Gawain Simpson Kristin McIntosh Peter Jordan

If you are interested in being part of a new club team in 2010/2011, come to the New Clubs Committee Meeting at my home in Shelley on Sunday afternoon, July 18. Email me for details of the meeting.

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
0401 011 212