New Clubs Committee Meeting July 09

July 26 Meeting Report

We had 16 people at the meeting which began sharp on time at 3.30 and finished sharp on time at 4.30.

These were the matters discussed.

Meeting Purpose

Our first meeting is laying the foundation for an effective program that will result in new clubs being founded in WA and weaker clubs being strengthened.

Declarations of interest

Several people present have a keen interest in establishing new clubs.

    Mark – Lt Governor Marking for District 73. This is part of his District responsibilities and WA is closest at hand. As well, he wants to promote District WA, and we need more clubs for that.

    Ross – Public Relations Officer for District 73. He wants to build up community awareness of Toastmasters and promoting new clubs is an effective way of doing this.

    Gawain – Innercity Division Governor. Gawain wants all his 5 Area Governors to be Presidents Distinguished so they will all need a new club to achieve that.

    Judith – Perth Division Governor. Judith also wants her 4 Area Governors to be Distinguished.

    David – Western Division Governor. David wants his 4 Area Governors to be Presidents Distinguished and as New Clubs Coordinator he is working hard for that. As well, David is focussed on promoting District WA, with a need for not only new clubs, but also the strengthening of sub 20 member clubs.

The Overall Plan

    Community Clubs Initiate action for new clubs

    Corporate Clubs Respond to – perhaps initiate – opportunities

    Weaker clubs Assist Club Coaches in reviving these clubs

Finding key people

All our efforts depend on finding motivated leaders who will take on responsibility for organising the group of members who set up new clubs.


Three important reasons were identified for why members will be motivated to take on Sponsor Roles

    Pleasure from succeeding in leadership challenges
    Opportunity to learn and practise leadership skills
    Recognition for achievement

Help available

There is a great deal of help available to those who take on the challenge

    Mentors – like David, Mark, Robyn, Ross and Meechan who have all been successful and are willing to help others to be successful too

    TI publications – on Toastmasters International

    Toastmasters WA – the New Clubs section

Letter drops

David identified this method as having enormous potential for both starting new clubs and reviving failing clubs

Mark and Robyn briefly outlined the great success using a letter drop to publicise the Demonstration Meeting for Canning Vale.

Leonor told us about Subiaco Early Birds which had a nominal membership of 12, an active membership of 9, and an attendance on her Area Governor visit of 4. With a great deal of help from Mark in designing a flyer and getting some financial help from District 73 she delivered with her family most of the flyers in the residential area around Princess Margaret Hospital and posted hundreds more to businesses in the immediate neighbourhood. In the space of less than 2 months club membership was up to 22 by the June 30 cutoff point.

Flyer distribution methods

We discussed a variety of distribution methods

    Employ a distributor
    On average this is likely to get about a 1% response
    Australia Post charge 13.5 cents a flyer with a 3 week booking delay.
    Pound the Path charge 4.9 cents a flyer with an undefined but very short booking delay

    Club members personally deliver the flyers
    The most economical and most effective style of distribution

    Post the flyers
    This is much more expensive at 55cents a stamped letter and extra work in finding addresses and addressing the envelopes but it gets a much greater response


Assuming you design your own flyer (using available models to start from), the costs will arise from Printing and Distribution. As a rough guide for 5,000 flyers, the printing cost from a commercial printer is likely to be around $400-$500 and the distribution will be from $250 (Pound the Path) to $700 (Australia Post) or $0 of club members do the work.

District 73 have some funds this kind of cost – contact Mark in advance for authorisation. Your sponsoring club or you can pay the money upfront and get reimbursement, or submit an invoice for payment – obviously this is a slower option.

Already under way

9 Toastmasters have already initiated action to found new clubs

    John ran a a Demonstration Meeting last Friday, July 24, at Jacaranda Gardens, a retirement village in Canning Vale, with help from Canning Vale and Victoria Quay members.

    Martin has had a strong response from an internal marketing campaign as CSBP in Kwinana. He will be away overseas in September, so the Demonstration Meeting will be in early October.

    Meechan has obtained administration approval for a club at SIr Charles Gairdner Hospital in Nedlands, with a suitable venue lined up. She is making arrangements for a Demonstration Meeting in September.

    Ross has located a Venue at Heathcote in Applecross and is planning a Demonstration Meeting in September.

    Michael has located a Venue in Rockingham and is now putting an action plan into place with a Demonstration Meeting planned for late September or Early October.

    Pascale has located a Venue in Highgate and is now getting ready for an action plan.

    Gerry intends to start a club in Victoria Park and is about to put an action plan into place.

    Judith has booked a Demonstration Meeting in Mundaring for September and is putting an action plan into place.

    Eric intends to start a club in Noranda in February

Where to from now

    We agreed that the existing activity is very encouraging.

    Those who have started action and those planning it need to proceed with energy.

    Help is available from committed, experienced members present at the meeting.

    We can all be on the lookout for other prospective new clubs.

    We can all be looking for additional key people to take up the opportunities.

Do you want help?

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
9457 6468

If you want to discuss your idea or proposal for a new club, contact David Nicholas DTM, the WA New Clubs Coordinator or the District 73 Lt Governor Marketing (West) Ross Wilkinson DTM