New Clubs in WA

WA leaders have set an ambitious target – 8 new Clubs in WA this year.

David Nicholas is the WA New Clubs Coordinator and he has been appointed to lead the charge. He has gathered a talented group to coordinate the activities.

    Mike Helm – District 73 Governor
    Gil Alexander – Perth Division Governor
    Mark Richards – Western Division Governor
    Jeanette Farrar – District 73 Secretary
    Michael Malone – P30 Area Governor
    Ross Wilkinson – W28 Area Governor
    Eric Davies – WA Community Contact

Already there is a lot of activity.

Fremantle Gourmet

Ross Wilkinson, with the help of co-founder Mark Richards, has sent off a Charter Application for Fremantle Gourmet. This is an Advanced Club which meets every second Thursday of the month at 6pm for a 6:30 pm start in the Fremantle Club, in High Street. There were 25 prospective members at the most recent meeting. “It’s a great success,” Ross told me. “Its not for everybody, but we are finding lots of people want to attend an evening meeting which is a night out with good food. And that’s what we’ve got at the Fremantle Club. We have a regular Toastmaster Meeting in a competely separate room, with a choice of fine meals.” This club is being sponsored by Gateway. Any interested Toastmaster can contact Ross on 0412 383 386 or via email

An Indigenous Club

Mike Helm had a contact in Indigenous Affairs, who was very interested in setting up a Toastmaster Club to service the needs of a growing number of talented and trained indigenous workers in Perth. The arrangements are now in place for this club which will meet in at room at the Commonwealth Law Courts, at the bottom of Victoria Avenue. While Mike is away at the Toastmasters International Convention in Las Vegas, David Nicholas is completing arrangements so the club can start functioning and charter towards the end of September. This club is being sponsored by Central Communicators.

A Kalgoorlie Club

WA Toastmasters had a thriving Club in Kalgoorlie until 11 years ago when one of the periodic slumps devastated the group there. But now we have we have the mother of all Resources Booms. Eric Davies, our WA Community Contact, has been receiving a steadily increasing stream of enquiries from people in the Kalgoorlie region. He and Judith Allen, the W16 Area Governor, are currently running a Speechcraft course to raise funds to promote a new Club in Kalgoorlie. In fact Eric told me that as soon as they have found a suitable venue he and Judith will plan a Demonstration Meeting. “It will take some hard work,” he said, “but we could have a club up there by Christmas.”

WA Governors Club

Western Founders has decided to sponsor a new club in Western Division. The idea came from Mike Helm and David Nicholas successfully proposed the club take up the idea. The club will be an Advanced Club meeting monthly on Thursday evenings. It will be a forum for previous Area and Division Governors, for current Governors and for prospective governors. The pooled experience from the past, shared with current real life problems and solutions will be a powerful melting pot which will lead to innovative and solidly based plans and practices in WA. As Michael Malone, P30 Area Governor and a member of Western Founders, put it – “We can hold our Area and Division Council Meetings as part of the new Club’s activities. It will be great.”

More new clubs?

Ross Wilkinson says that Fremantle Gourmet will be just the first of a group of Gourmet Clubs. “Fremantle next month,” he said, “Central Perth the following month, and the Northern and Eastern Suburbs soon after. There is a need here, and we can service that need.”

If you have a suggestion about the possibility of other new clubs for our coordinating committee to investigate, write a comment at the end of this post, or send an email to David Nicholas

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  1. Avatar for Ross Wilkinson Ross Wilkinson says:


    Thanks for the post about Fremantle Gourmet Toastmaster Club. Can you change the day of our meetings. It is the SECOND Thursday of each month at the Fremantle Club – 6pm for a 6:30pm start. If there is any intersted Toastmaster who would like to attend, they can contact me on 0412 383 386 or via email

  2. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    Thanks for this correction and addition, Ross.


  3. Avatar for Ross Wilkinson Ross Wilkinson says:


    Thanks for the alteration. Can you correct my mobile in the main text to 0412 383 386.

    Thanks again.


  4. Avatar for Andris Bilkens DTM Andris Bilkens DTM says:

    Sensational concept with the Governors Club – I can see this working in every Division. Effective Division Councils ought to meet regularly – so why not in a Club environment? Invite past and, more importantly, future District leaders into the fold and nurture a Club culture of leadership with vision. Prepare advanced manual speaking presentations with real life issues and relevant matters. Go into workshop and brainstorming modes – all evaluated – all producing real results. Love it. I’ll get our Central Division Governor to start one on Monday! Done.


  5. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    Congratulations, Andris

    I see that you have swung into action, and already have lodged Applications to Organise for two new Clubs in Adelaide. Talk is important but it can be cheap. It’s actions that count in the long run and you are certainly showing the activity.

    We can expect quite a lot from Central Division this year.

  6. Avatar for Cornelia M Cornelia M says:

    Hi David

    it would be great if there could be some advice to all potential new clubs, and maybe to existing clubs too, how to run clubs in a resource efficient mannner (i.e. how to save money). For example, I was wondering whether you could let us know how to save on banking fees and other charges etc. It would be a lot nicer to spent the money on new manuals and other items! I am sure that this information would be welcome by many


  7. Avatar for Cornelia M Cornelia M says:

    PS: here’s a way to host your club page for free!

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