Murdoch Open Day

Toastmasters at Murdoch University Orientation Day

What a fantastic day we had at Murdoch University Orientation day today. This is part of Robyn Lloyds High Performance Leadership programme and wow what a hit it was.

As we were setting up we realised it was a good job we had several great props and I would urge anyone else setting up like this to pay attention.

Ross Wilkinson’s Banner

The Stall


· The TM Banner. Bright and looks good BUT it blew over once too often and it kept swinging around.·

. Ross Wilkinson’s ‘pull up’ banner. At about 2 meteres this caught attention.   We would have looked dreadful without it because about half the other displays had them.  Every Division should have one to share.·

. Club Lights. This caught attention from heaps of people just out of curiosity.

· Promotional Video. We used the Cannington Communicators Promo Video on a laptop. This really made us stand out. Proably only 5 or 6 of the other 60/70 displays had these.

Robyn and I really worked the students. You don’t always get a response, but hey we were not shy in coming forward. We’ve both had experience in retail.

We ended up with 3 pages of an exercise book full of e-mail addresses full of leads. We PROMISED NO SPAM and will ensure we hit them once only unless they request a follow up. We actually signed up one person for Cannington Communicators and there are other options but that’s a tale for Robyn to tell!

We certainly exceeded expectations today.

Gerry Prewett
Gerry Prewett
W28 Area Governor


Thanks to Gerry Prewett for the story and to Robyn Lloyd for the project.

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  1. Avatar for Ross Wilkinson Ross Wilkinson says:

    I would like to congratulate Robyn Lloyd for arranging this event. Through her efforts and the support of her team Robyn has gained an incredible amount of exposure for Toastmasters in WA. Well done.

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