Michael Malone PD Again

Michael Malone
Michael Malone DTM
I40 Area Governor

President’s Distinguished Area Governor

President’s Distinguished is the highest award given in these categories


This is the third year Michael has been an Area Governor and yet again he is President’s Distinguished. The requirements for this are to meet all 8 targets for Area Governors and to have a net gain of at least 1 club in the Area. These are the clubs in I40

    Durack – Select Distinguished Club
    Young Guns – President’s Distinguished Club
    Roetoric – a new club in the last month

Will anybody else achieve President’s Distinguished Area Governor this year?

There are two possibilities.

Narayanan Rajaraman, I42 Area Governor, is very close. He requires 1 CC award and 1 AC award from the 4 clubs in his area. I know of the likelihood of that CC and AC being posted in the near future. So I am confident Narayanan will be our second President’s Distinguished Area Governor.

Gladys Lavell, P30 Area Governor, is a possibility. She requires another of her clubs to be Distinguished and two more CC awards. Can she make it?
Trackside needs 2 more new members to be Distinguished and then 1 more CC will make the club Select Distinguished.
Swan already has 1 CC and already is Select Distinguished. Another will give it 8 Goals.
Morning Star already has 2 CCs. It is Select Distinguished with 8 Goals. Another 2 CCs will get it to President’s Distinguished Club.

There appear to be no other Area Governors likely to be President’s Distinguished.

4 Responses to “Michael Malone PD Again”

  1. Thanks for the note David. As I pointed out to you privately, I only got to PD Area thanks to the work done by yourself and Mike to get the new Roetoric club up and running, giving area i40 a net increase of one club for the year. As always, thank you.


  2. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    And thank you to you, Michael. You have put in a fantastic effort in recent years. Three times Area Governor and three times President’s Distinguished is a record you share with only one other person in District 73.

    I hope you will be a model to our 2009/10 Area Governors.


  3. Avatar for Mike Helm Mike Helm says:

    David, now you’ve got me thinking who that other Area Governor is. The initials wouldn’t be D N would they?

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