Loss Leader

Learning from Harvey Norman

Many major chains – Harvey Norman, Woolworths, Bunnings, Coles etc – use the Loss Leader system. Sell a popular item at a heavily discounted price – perhaps less than cost – to get the customers into the store. They might lose money on the one item, but the increased sales all around the store more than make up for it.

Our leaders at Toastmasters International have been doing some strategic thinking. They have come up with a brilliant loss leader.

Below Cost!!!

Your Second DTM

Unbelievable Value – While Stocks Last

Yes, its true. A second and subsequent DTM has just had its cost heavily slashed. Amazingly reduced. Compare these 2 tables for last year and this year.

Second and Subsequent DTM Requirements

Award Required Last Year Required This Year
CC 10 speeches Not required
ACB 10 speeches Not required
ACS 10 speeches
2 minor workshops
Not required
ACG 10 speeches
1 major workshop
10 speeches
1 major workshop
CL 10 projects Not required
ALB Club Officer
Attend Officer Training
2 minor workshops
Not required
ALS High Performance Leader
District Officer
Club Founder/Mentor/Coach
High Performance Leader
District Officer
Club Founder/Mentor/Coach

Look at the discount!! This year’s Second DTM “saves” 30 speeches, 10 CL projects, a Club Officer role and 4 minor workshops. Unbelievable value.

But it makes good sense
Our leaders at Toastmasters International have a strategy. They know that long term experienced leaders are an asset to our organization, and they want us to continue working productively for the organization. Giving a lot of speeches?? Come off it! Serving as District Officer? Yes! Founding new clubs? Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

Second DTMs have not been popular
Look at the record of current District 73 members – only 5 multiple DTMs – Anna Riggs in South Australia, Vivienne Triplett in Victoria and 3 from Western Australia, all from the same club – Victoria Quay – Glenis Nicholas, Alan Smith and me. Second DTMs have not been the flavour of the month in District 73 – or the year – or the decade. But that is about to change. I know 3 members in WA who already have the requirements for their second DTM under the new conditions. And there will be others in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

Is this a dumbing down of the requirements?
No, it isn’t. This is a powerful strategic move to attract experienced, skilled Toastmasters into the ranks of those who focus their experience and skill into repeated District Officer roles and even more importantly, into the founding of new clubs. All States and Divisions will benefit from this activity and in particular Western Australia, as we work towards setting up our own District.

David Nicholas DTM David Nicholas DTM

First get your first DTM
That’s the catch! To take advantage of the Sale of the Century, with its unbelievable discounts and never to be repeated DTM bargains, you need the first one at full price. Buy one and get a second at less than half the price!! Come in now. Beat the rush!

David Nicholas DTM (5 times at the old price)
WA New Clubs Coordinator

9 Responses to “Loss Leader”

  1. Avatar for Mika Liddle Mika Liddle says:

    As a relatively new member to Toastmasters and still working up to my first DTM, I am receiving this news with mixed feelings.

    I can certainly see the value of keeping the momentum of senior members involved in the expansion of Toastmasters within our own Districts. I also feel that this is a very drastic reduction to take, as Toastmasters International is founded on being a public speaking organisation, and even as a DTM, I am sure there is always room for improvement and practice the ongoing pursuit of improvement required by doing compulsory speeches.

    I certainly believe that to have to repeat all the same steps to gain a 2nd DTM is a heavy and long-term goal, that could deter (and obviously has) members from moving forward, but maybe a little compromise (a term I do not use lightly) could be seen. For example, five speeches from each level, and the ALB included, and for the 3rd DTM the system as described?

    I just feel that the majority, if they are like me, joined to learn and enjoy the art of public speaking, and that should still be the heart of why we are here. Taking that focus away may cause a possible backfire in the intentions matching the results.


  2. Avatar for Mark Richards Mark Richards says:

    When I first heard of this, fast track DTM, I thought that there had been a mistake. It took me 7 years to reach DTM and now I can reach my second DTM in less than a year. Surely if we give out DTMs like they are candy treats they will lose their status in the Toastmasters community. David Nicholas has achieved DTM 5 times, and each one of those DTMs were done from scratch. I can’t speak for David but I know I would feel cheated knowing that someone else can reach his status in just 5 years if they wanted to. I can see what TMI are trying to achieve by pushing DTMs to start new clubs, but this can be done in the right and correct way.
    Let us earn the right to be called a double DTM.

    Mark Richards
    District 73 Public Relations Officer

  3. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    When I first read of this possibility in the September Southern Cross, I was surprised and interested. Is it true? What could be the reason behind it?

    I had a series of 3 emails to Education Awards which clarified that it is true. So, why has this change been initiated? In the post above I give my speculation.

    Yes, it’s true I have completed 5 DTMs, and each one to the full specifications of what is now just the first. The next 5 will be quicker than the first 5. I don’t mind that other people will be able to get multiple DTMs much more easily than I did. The key issue is – will they do it? So far, very few people across District 73 have shown any interest. Among those who haven’t bothered are some very hard working and very talented Toastmasters. Perhaps now they will take the time, and in the process advance the growth of the District.

    David Nicholas

  4. Avatar for Gladys Lavell Gladys Lavell says:

    It’s all very well building up new clubs and working at district level to get a new district. As already stated, people join Toastmastres to improve their speaking skills and gain confidence. Why leave out speeches? Where would the clubs be without all those officers working at club level to keep the clubs going. Some take on officer roles year after year, many being officers in two clubs at the same time to lend strength to individual clubs. Building up the district requires a lot of effort and it’s a very important contribution, but what about all the unsung effort by many individuals who sacrifice their own advancement for the sake of the clubs. Ironically, only one term of being a club officer counts towards any award. I feel more significance should be given to what are regarded as lesser roles but which require many hours of contribution. One role which is completely ignored for advancement is that of judging. You can achieve a DTM without ever having judged. When is TMI going to allow a certain number of times judging to substitute for one of the other major tasks?
    Many Toastmasters fill roles without the expectation of recognition.

  5. Avatar for Mike Helm Mike Helm says:

    I can see the advantages of the new system. In my case, I wouldn’t have rushed to get my second DTM but having seen the new rules, I will probably try to get my second DTM this year…which means, as David suggests, that I will do a little extra in my leadership role this year. I am not concerned about cheapening the DTM. Let’s face it, your first DTM is the most important one because that title will always stay with you. Subsequent ones are for the obsessive types but if more people can be encouraged to get that subsequent DTM, they will be helping Toastmasters in a leadership role. By the way, congratulations to David for setting the example and consistently championing the multiple DTM.

  6. Avatar for Glen Lewis Glen Lewis says:

    It’s going to seriously dilute the value attributed to having more than
    one DTM.

    “This is a powerful strategic move to attract experienced, skilled
    Toastmasters into the ranks of those who focus their experience and
    skill into repeated District Officer roles and even more importantly,
    into the founding of new clubs”.

    I don’t think that by changing the qualification for additional DTM’s,
    we are going to find a whole bunch of new people willing to be district
    leaders. I suspect that those people who are already interested and
    involved with the district management will end up being multiple-DTM’s.

    Those who are not interested will continue to be not interested, and be
    happy with their single DTM. Any delusion that we are going to suddenly
    get droves of DTM’s signing up for district positions should be quickly
    dispelled – the fact that we only have 5 double+ DTM’s in the state
    simply demonstrates that nobody really cares about getting more than a
    single DTM, and those that get more than one, such as yourself, are
    already very commited to the organisation and don’t do what you do
    simply to get another plaque.

    If they are going to make significant changes, I would have thought they
    would have taken the opportunity to address the issue of DTM’s (not just
    DTM’s – pretty much anyone who has completed their CTM is guilty of this
    at one point or another) just “going through the motions” of delivering
    speeches, and getting them to delivery awesome speeches every time – to
    inspire and motivate less experienced toastmasters.

    I am not saying that we don’t need to get experienced, and skilled
    toastmasters into the repeated district officer roles, but by
    emphasising these roles to the exclusion of world class speeches and
    delivery in our organisations highest award is just short-term.


  7. Avatar for Annabella Riggs Annabella Riggs says:

    As a multiple DTM already on the old rules and about to lodge another one at full prize! This will be my 4th DTM and definetely it will be the last.

    The watering down of the requirements doesn’t appeal to me at all. David and I especially, we know the meaning of being DTM several times: I don’t know about the others but I’m proud to be DTM several times in the old way, working hard for the reward. I refuse to work on a project (DTM) were ones need nothing but start another club and doing only 4 projects. To me its just a farse. Clearly TMI is showing the true colours and interests (or the lack of) for its members: new clubs founded by specialized members (DTM’s) and PRESTO……another DTM It will be interesting to see how many rabbits will nibble at the carrot dangling before them by TMI

    Annabella Riggs

  8. Avatar for Andris Bilkens DTM Andris Bilkens DTM says:

    Mike says it well in describing our multiple Award recipients as ‘obessesive’. They are.

    If you have your first hard earned DTM then you know the hard work it required. It also occurs to me that if you need to revisit the CTM/CC track to experience / understand the basic skills of speaking then there is something wrong. It’s plain old redundant.

    Our obsessive types are taking on leadership roles and are challenging themselves by going through (or revisiting) advanced manuals that interest them. They should be recognised for their labours and a DTM X is as good a way as any. Just because the nomenclature ‘DTM X’ resembles ‘DTM’ doesn’t make them the same thing. Ipso facto (had to throw in a little Latin) a subsequent DTM doesn’t cheapen the first one.

    Like Mike – I’ll revisit the notion of a second DTM

  9. Avatar for SL Liew SL Liew says:

    Great post about 2nd DTM.

    I got my first DTM, the old system when I was a Division Governor in 1994 and the new system when I was LGET in 1997 but never care for a 3rd DTM.

    I have since completed my CC, new CL recently to keep my saw sharp. But if anyone wanting to another round, why not. Just no short cuts. Another satisfying option is helping someone else achieve his or her DTM the first time.

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