Fremantle Gourmet tops the DCP

9 Goals at Oct 2, 2009!

Yes, Fremantle Gourmet, Club 1068213, has already achieved 9 Goals – enough for President’s Distinguished in the Distinguished Club Program.  Congratulations Gourmet.  The tenth Goal is some time away yet – it will come when at least 4 Club Officers attend the second round of training in February.  You can view a DCP report on all WA Clubs.

But not President’s Distinguished yet

To be Distinguished at all, including President’s Distinguished, a club has to have 20 members at June 30 (or have increased low numbers by at least 5 members).  Those numbers will not be recognised until the March Renewals have been lodged.  By then Gourmet will have been joined at the PD level by quite a few other clubs – particularly from Western Division.  But Gourmet has the honour of first to reach 9 Goals.  Congratulations to all Gourmet members, and particularly to President Jackie Perriman and Vice President Education Ross Wilkinson.

Western Division is also tops in the DCP

Only five Clubs in District 73 have so far registered 5 or more Goals in the DCP.  This is the target for Distinguished.  They are all from Western Division!

9 Goals Fremantle Gourmet in W28
8 Goals Canning Vale in W16
5 Goals Fremantle Gateway in W21
5 Goals Victoria Quay in W21
5 Goals Jetty in W29

Yes, each Area has at least one of these clubs.  And the word is out that some more Western Division Clubs will get an extra goal by next weekend.  In particular Canning Vale are confident of 9 Goals.

Western Division is aiming for the top

I have set my goal for my year as Western Division Governor to be the top performing Division in District 73 by Toastmaster International’s guidelines.  We have started particularly well.  Here is a graph which shows progress for all 10 Divisions in District 73 up to Oct 2, 2009.

Di73- Division-Performance-Oct209

You can follow current performance for a very large range of District 73 Reports at this site. It includes Club progress as well as District, Division and Area figures. Go to District 73 Reports Analysis Can we stay here on top until June 30 next year? I am confident we will.

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David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
Western Division Governor
9457 6468

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  1. Avatar for Sue Voloczi Sue Voloczi says:

    As I am currently marooned in paradise – Cocos (Keeling) Islands (back 25th November)it is nice to hear that Toastmasters in WA are continuing to beaver away at achieving DCP goals. Keep up the good work everone!

  2. Well done!

    Adelaide TM thought we were doing well haveing already met 4 of the DCP goals. Well just as well there is no prize for the speecd at which they are achieved!


    Darren Fleming
    Australia’s Corporate Speech Coach.

  3. David,

    As one of Fremantle Gourmet’s Club original Sponsors and the current VPE, I would like to thank you for your comments on Gourmet’s outstanding achievement of attaining 9 out of the 10 Toastmaster International Distinguished Club Goals.

    Not only is Fremantle Gourmet the first club in District 73 to achieve 9 out of the 10 DCP goals, we are the first club in Australia (District 69, 70 and 73) to achieve this milestone.

    As an Advanced Toastmaster Club all our members are dual members. In achieving the 9 goals it is a reflection of the dedication and commitment of our members. We have always encouraged our members to “look after” their home clubs first in regards to educational awards. However, as many of our members and guests have used our club to help them complete that extra speech to achieve an award, they feel committed to allocated some of their awards to Fremantle Gourmet.

    With the quality and dedication of its members, Fremantle Gourmet future is secure.

    Congratulation to my fellow Fremantle Gourmet members in achieving this outstanding result.

    If you would like to attend a Fremantle Gourmet meeting and/or present a speech and benefit from our group evaluation, please contact me on 0412 383 386 or

  4. Congratulations Gourmet Toastmasters

    Your commitment and dedication to the Fremantle Gourmet is warmly acknowledged and deeply appreciated.

    I would like to acknowledge the Club Sponsors Steve Barry and Ross Wilkinson who have set such a high standard for all current and future members to follow.

    I am proud to be the President of Fremantle Gourmet.

    Well done everyone.

    Jackie Perriman

  5. Avatar for Helen Wright Helen Wright says:

    Congratulations to the WA Clubs and in particular to the Gourmet Club. My husband, Ian (President of our club)and I recently attended both Gateway and the Gourmet Club while visiting our daughter in Fremantle. Loved the hospitality and the wonderful enthusiasm in both clubs, certainly plenty to be proud about.
    All the very best,
    Helen Wright
    Hastings City Toastmasters Club
    New Zealand.

  6. Avatar for Robyn Richards Robyn Richards says:

    To all the members of Fremantle Gourmet but especially to Ross, Steve & Jackie, I would like to send my compliments on this prestigeous achievement. I have been to a few meetings and really enjoyed the comeraderie and unique character of Fremantle Gourmet. To have achieved this goal so early in the Toastmasters year is indicative of the quality of your dedication to the Toastmasters mission. I am very proud to have been a Charter Member and continue to watch with pride at the wonderful achievements this club is making. Go Gourmet!

  7. Avatar for Steve Barry Steve Barry says:

    Congratulations to each and every member of Fremantle Gourmet Toastmasters.

    Since its inception, the club, through our members, has created a unique environment for all members and visitors to benefit from comprehensive feedback provided by their peers. The club has created opportunities for Toastmasters where none existed, and the meetings format and ambience is widely accepted and verified by the continuing and growing membership (35 at present).

    The success of our club, however it is measured, is entirely determined by our members commitment and support and to that end, you have all excelled.

    To me, Fremantle Gourmet is a modern, Toastmaster phenomenon (and a whole lot of fun).

    Well done to everyone!

    • Avatar for Azizah Sapari Azizah Sapari says:

      Dear Steve, Ross & all members of Fremantle TMC,

      Congratulations on your achievement !! Your friends from the NTU Alumni TMC (Singapore) are just as excited over the news that you’ve achieved 9 DCP goals as early as 2 Oct ’09 !! Well done ! We are inspired !

      Come to Singapore to visit us and share your success & wisdom !

      Warm wishes,
      Azizah Sapari
      Immediate Past President
      NTU Alumni Toastmasters Club

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