Welcome Stranger


A Touch of Gold in Kalgoorlie

Welcome Stranger
Welcome Stranger

Welcome Stranger is the name of largest gold nugget ever found. That was in Victoria in 1869.

Eric Davies has unearthed a Toastmaster Nugget in Kalgoorlie in 2007. With help from Judith Allen, Eric organised and ran a demonstration meeting in Kalgoorlie on Monday evening, October 22 (last night). It was a spectacular success. 38 visitors came to the meeting and 20 of them signed and paid for Applications to join. A temporary committee has been elected – President, Treasurer, Vice President Membership and Sergeant at Arms from the new members, while Eric will act as Vice President Education for the time being.

Touch of Gold is the name of the club. The next meeting will be in a fortnight’s time, on November 5th.


There are problems!!

Eric Davies
Eric Davies

Too many members? Yes, it looks like that will be a problem. It’s very difficult to give everybody enough meeting time once there are more than about 25 active members. The signs at present that there are likely to be many more than 25 as the word spreads.

Weekly or fortnightly? Right now some of the members want weekly, because they are on shifts and will have to miss meetings from time to time. Missing a meeting is a lot less of a problem with weekly meetings than fortnightly. But several of the new members are young mums, and they see problems in being able to attend weekly, so they would like fortnightly meetings. Which will it be? Particularly when it is clear that there are going to be too members for just one fortnightly club.

If only more of our clubs had these kinds of problems

Eric and Judith will have their work cut out helping the members make critical decisions about their future. In the meantime we will keep your up to date on progress in this exciting development, riding the crest of the resources boom. And you can also check out the Touch of Gold Website for updates.

2 Responses to “Welcome Stranger”

  1. Avatar for Betty Hart Betty Hart says:

    Congratulations Eric and Judith!! What a rare find. I wish all those involved in setting up and starting the Kalgoorlie club all the best. I encourage you to try becoming a weekly club, as there are so many more opportunities for success in a weekly club.

  2. Avatar for Janet Shaw Janet Shaw says:

    It really is rare for a club to start off with so many members. Most new clubs struggle to build up their membership. If they’re so keen, maybe the weekly meetings would be the best idea. They can always be changed to fortnightly if people are finding it unworkable. Good luck.

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