Getting your Contact Details right everywhere!

It was brought home to me today just how important it is to get yout details correct everywhere that your club has left them. My own club received a query on behalf of another club where a member of the public wished to join. How good was that? The fellow didn’t want to just attend a meeting he wanted to join. The problem was he couldn’t find any contact details that worked!

The details at TMI were out of date as were those on the Contact Us page of the web site. It was fortunate that I knew members of the club and eventually we were able to pass on details.

It was a salutory lesson in how important it is to keep those details bang up to date. Remember where you have lodged all your contatact details too. It’s not just the obvious places like your web site but also maybe in Libraries, with Councils and Community Newspapers.

I just can’t emphasise enough how important it is to keep those details up to date.

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  1. Avatar for Lynda Ellery Lynda Ellery says:

    Its amazingly easy to let the details slip as Gerry has pointed out. Our club thanks he and his fellow club member for the efforts they went to in order to contact us. As soon as deficiency in our record keeping was pointed out, the details were updated.
    There could be many reasons why the information were wrong, including key members being involved with happy family events etc, however, this incident has prooved our motto for this year “Toastmasters – acheiving greatness together” Thanks Gerry.

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