Convention Fundraisers

Quiz Night

Lynda t’Hart
Lynda t’Hart

Lynda t’Hart from Foothills is organising a Quiz Night on Friday, March 30 to raise funds for the Convention.

Get all the details. Download the Quiz Night Flyer

Gary de Rodriguez – Secrets of Charismatic Presentations

Gary de Rodriguez

Maree Pickens has organised a special presentation from Gary de Rodriquez on Thursday evening, March 27th. Gary is an internationally acclaimed speaker from the USA and a master practitioner of humanistic neuro-linguistic psychology.

Download the Flyer, which has all the information and the booking form. Bookings are essential. Download the Rodriguez Flyer

7 Responses to “Convention Fundraisers”

  1. Avatar for Gawain Simpson Gawain Simpson says:

    The quiz night was announced at Sandgropers last night by our president Liz latimer. She is hoping to book a table.

  2. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    Lynda will book a Sandgropers Table as quick as a flash.

  3. Avatar for Jade Ueckermann Jade Ueckermann says:

    I am hoping to come along to the Quiz Night as it sounds like a healthy chance to be competitive. However I am in a bit of a dilemma, being a member of both Sandgropers and Western Founders, I am torn as to whom I will join a table with. Hmmmm …..

    Anyhow wasn’t sure where to post a general comment about the site, (perhaps you would consider adding a general/questions Blog category) though I thought it a great site David. Very easy to Blog as a first timer! 😉

  4. Avatar for Lynda t'Hart Lynda t'Hart says:

    Jade, it doesn’t matter where you join, just as long as its with a group where you’ll enjoy thier company. Better yet, get 4 -6 of your own friends and book a table that way :)Look forward to seeing your again then,
    Cheers, Lynda

  5. Avatar for Lynda t'Hart Lynda t'Hart says:

    Well, the quiz night has come and gone and if laughter is measure of success then we definitely rated right up there with top class events. Our thanks go to the many clubs and companies who supported the event: (please forgive me if I have missed any clubs or companies in the following list – many people just put prizes on the prize table and I wasn’t always sure of their origin) Manjar, Gateway, Southsiders, Victoria Quay, Swan, Morningstar, Banyanda, Powertalk, St Georges, Western Founders, Durack, City of Perth, Foothills, Priority Management and Mango Leadership Group, Daisy Pool Covers, Tranquil Escape, Zarin’s Reflexology, Life Coaching by Roy Miller, Cino’s Chicken & Café, and last but certainly not least Greyhounds WA, who halved the hire of the restaurant, put on discounted drinks at the bar, donated 8 passes to Saturday evening dinner at the greyhounds as well as 100 regular gate passes to us in support of our convention. After our minimal expenses, we made around $1,700.00. Thanks to everyone who came along to enjoy the evening.

  6. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    Congratulations, Lynda. You did a terrific job, along with the helpers you recruited, and the many sponsors.

    Now you can turn your attention to your other Convention role – organising the Supplies section.

  7. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    I wasn’t able to get to the Gary de Rodriguez event, but fellow members who did tell me it was very worthwhile and very successful, with every seat taken.

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