Fremantle dominates the DCP

Fremantle Gourmet joins Victoria Quay on top of the DCP

The DCP is the Toastmasters Distinguished Club Program. World Headquarters sets Clubs 10 performance markers – the Goals – as goals to achieve during the year from July to June. There are awards for various levels of achievement, providing that a membership requirement is met.

  • 5 to 6 Goals is Distinguished
  • 7 to 8 Goals is Select Distinguished
  • 9 and 10 is Presidents Distinguished

Ross Wilkinson DTM

Steve Barry 07
Steve Barry ACG

Toastmasters Fremantle Victoria Quay has had 9 Goals since early December when Tony Obrzut registered his Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB).

Fremantle Gourmet achieved its 9th Goal on Thursday of this week (Feb 12) when VPE Ross Wilkinson completed another ACB, while Steve Barry registered another Competent Communicator (CC) the previous Thursday.

Congratulations to all the members of Fremantle Gourmet, and particularly to its energetic Vice President Education, Ross Wilkinson, who hosted the meeting at his house last Thursday evening.

Ross is also the Western Division Governor, and his driving ambition is to make certain that a new club is founded in the Division by June 30, so that he will be a President’s Distinguished Division Governor.

But there is more Fremantle. Only 5 Clubs in the District have so far registered 7 or more Goals. They are

  • Victoria Quay & Fremantle Gourmet 9 goals
  • Canning Vale 8 goals
  • Fremantle Gateway and Nillumbik (in Victoria) 7 Goals

So, yes, Fremantle clubs are indeed dominating the DCP.