Early Bird Prize

Newsflash – March 7

Early Bird Draw
We have the winners. The draw was conducted at Victoria Quay’s regular meeting, as previously announced. Interstate visitor, Paul Dixon DTM, drew a number from a bucket held by Convention Treasurer, Alan Smith DTM. Number 19. Convention Chairman Ian Pickens consulted the list and announced the winner –
Alison White from Gateway Toastmasters won the $220 prize.

And then there was a second draw – a mystery prize for one of the first 25 full registrants. Paul drew a second number – Number 23.

Henk van den Bergen from Rowville won cash of $50 and either a ticket to the Friday bus tour, or a ticket to the Sunday morning DTM Breakfast.

The original announcement of the draw

Alan Smith 0612
Alan Smith DTM

100 Early Birds are in the draw for the Prize so far. If your entry reached Convention Treasurer Alan Smith by March 1st, you are in the draw. And the Prize? $220 – the cost of an Early Bird full registration! Just in case there were problems in Australia Post delivering the mail on time, Alan will accept registrations he receives that were postmarked by March 1st. There is a public holiday here in WA on Monday 5th, so the final list will be determined on Tuesday, March 6th.

Come to the draw. It will be conducted during the Victoria Quay regular meeting on Wednesday evening, March 7 at the Fremantle Bowling Club, 6 Ellen Street, Fremantle. Host Club Victoria Quay meets every Wednesday evening at the Bowling Club from 6-7.30 pm, with supper after the meeting. Visitors are always welcome at Victoria Quay.

Paul Dixon
Paul Dixon DTM

Toastmaster for the evening will be Paul Dixon DTM, former District Secretary and a member of the Silver Service Advanced Club in Melbourne. Paul is on a work assignment in Perth and has been attending Victoria Quay and Western Founders Advanced Club. You can check out the Victoria Quay and the Western Founders websites.

Bookings have been coming in at an extraordinary rate. On the basis of past Convention experience, the Convention Committee budgeted for 50 full registrations by this date, but we have doubled that. The 2007 Convention will be the biggest and best yet. Keep up to date with the latest information by checking in to this site regularly. Post your queries and get a quick answer from Webmaster David Nicholas DTM.

8 Responses to “Early Bird Prize”

  1. Avatar for Ian Pickens Ian Pickens says:

    Will details of the Quiz night be posted on the D73 web site. If so when?

  2. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    Yes. That was an oversight. It is there now. Thanks, Ian

  3. Avatar for Lisa Lisa says:

    Looking forward to the draw on Wendesday night – we should remember to take some photos for the Southern Cross and the website..! David will you bring your camera?

  4. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    Will I bring my camera? People often cringe away as I come in – with my camera.

  5. Avatar for Judy Murphy Judy Murphy says:

    Hi David,
    What happened to the special early bird special advertised in the July edition of the Southern Cross which stated, “Early Bird Discount
    As usual there is an Early Bird discount, so book early.
    There is a also a top secret prize for one lucky person among
    the first twenty five Early Birds. You’ve got to be in it to win

  6. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    Hello Judy.

    I suppose the best way to express this, is that it is a top secret, which will be revealed at tomorrow night’s draw.

    Yes there will be a top secret prize for a lucky one of the first 25 registrants, as well as the advertised $220 prize for the overall Early Bird.

    Check this site tomorrow night from about 9.30 WST.

  7. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    The Top Secret Prize was revealed on the night. You can find details above. The winner was Henk van den Bergen from Rowville

  8. Avatar for Lynda t'Hart Lynda t'Hart says:

    Just to let everyone know, We can take around 20 or 21 tables for the quiz night and we are currently at 13! So if you were thinking that you wanted to set up a table and didn’t want to be disappointed on the night, please don’t wait till the last minute! Bookings can be made to Judy Dollery at by email doll57@bigpond.net.au or by Mb 0417 972 241. Thanks for the great support…

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