Driving your Club to success


The DCP. What is it, why is it so important and how can we achieve? 

In his Blog on 26 June “How to be Distinguished – Clubs, Areas and Divisions” David Nicholas spelt out what the DCP targets are for Clubs. Areas and Divisions. Think of the DCP (Distinguished Club Programme) as being like KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for Clubs, Areas and Divisions. Essentially they are driven by the Clubs, if the Clubs hit their marks the Areas and Divisions will follow. That is not to deny that the Area and Divisional Governor’s don’t have their own targets to achieve but they are mainly driven by ensuring the clubs are healthy. 

When you look at the structure of the goals the first four are aimed at Communication Awards and the next two at Leadership Awards. The next two are aimed at increasing Members at your club. Then we have a goal based on Club Officer Training and the final goal is concerned with Club Administration. 

If the Club Committee sets out a Club Success Plan early in the year and identifies when and how the goals will be met the battle is half over. The Area Governor should around this time be visiting the club and looking to see that the Club Success Programme is in place. 

The reason that all this is so important is that the DCP gives a pretty good indication of the health of their Clubs, Areas and Divisions. A club with a plan in place and starting to mark off the goals will be a vibrant successful club. The buzz of hitting those targets in well run clubs is almost tangible. 

So how do you achieve the goals? Setting out the plan is really important. Once individuals have been identified who will be achieving look to have backup plans. Sometimes for whatever reason members are unable to fulfil. Ensure that the members who are targeted to achieve awards are doing so and acknowledge them as they hit their milestones. As targets are achieved ensure that all club members know that you have achieved them. 

If the club remains focussed the DCP awards should be within your grasp.