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Victoria Quay is sponsoring an award for District 73 members who achieve a second and subsequent Distinguished Toastmaster Award.

Double DTM

The Distinguished Toastmaster Award has a demanding set of requirements with 40 speeches altogether, at least five workshops, and demanding leadership roles such as Club Officer, District Officer and starting a new club or reviving a failing club. These demanding requirements usually take several years for members to complete.

Distinguished Toastmasters have contributed a great deal to their Clubs, Areas, Divisions and District and in the process have learned many skills and acquired valuable experience. They can be a very great resource on a continuing basis at all levels.

The Double DTM award is designed to

  • highlight this continuing contribution
  • recognise and honour the recipient
  • encourage existing DTMs to aspire to achieve it

Right now we know of 77 members in the District who have achieved a DTM, but only two who have continued on for a second. They are Anna Riggs in Adelaide, and David Nicholas in Perth. It is proposed to present the Double DTM Awards at this year’s DTM Breakfast Event at the Convention, and at similar events from year to year.

Distinguished Toastmasters are a valuable resource for our District at all levels. Victoria Quay hopes to encourage more of our high achieving members to provide inspirational leadership by presenting them with the

Double DTM Award

2 Responses to “Double DTM Award”

  1. Avatar for Mike Helm Mike Helm says:

    Congratulations to Victoria Quay Club for initiating this imaginative new award. I will be completing my first DTM prior to this year’s convention but already I have appreciated the benefits of starting the cycle again. Toastmasters’ great advantage in communication and leadership training is constant practice. So to maintain our skills we need to keep going. How much better will we be as we sail through the basic Competent Communicator manual for the second time! What new opportunities we will have with the range of advanced manuals! What new tasks we can conquer through the High Performance Leadership program! What contributions we can repay to Toastmasters by being involved in taking on new leadership positions and setting up a new club! And by presenting educationals and mentoring! What a new experience to gain the Competent Leader qualification next time around with the new manual! I look forward to seeing many more Toastmasters gaining a second DTM … and Victoria Quay’s award.

  2. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    Madeleine Sullivan
    Madeleine Sullivan

    Madeleine received her first DTM award in 1995. Since then she has gone on working steadily in her club, Sandgropers, as a reliable member, an officer and an enthusiastic participant in many speech contests. During that time she has completed the requirements for her Advanced Communicator Gold.

    Now she is taking up the Double DTM challenge. I went to the Sandgropers meeting on April 3, 2007 to listen to the final report speech for her High Performance Leadership Program, and to sign her application for the award as a member of her Guidance Committee. Now she has only two tasks to complete, but both of them big tasks. The first is to be a District Officer again – probably an Area Governor in 2007/08. The second is rather daunting to most members – Found a new club or Coach a failing club in trouble – but not to Madeleine who likes big challenges.

    It will take a while, but Madeleine Sullivan DTM is on the track to the Double DTM Award.

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