District Officer Training June 27 2009

Are you an incoming Area Governor? DOT is for you!

When you first take on the role of Area Governor you will have many questions about what you are expected to do. You get those important questions answered in 3 ways

First, read the Manual!

It has a clear outline of your role. As you work through your year you will refer to it repeatedly, getting more and more value from it as you gain more and more experience.

Here is an excellent piece of advice you may have heard in many situations. When in doubt, read the instructions.

Second, attend District Officer Training

The trainers have experience in being an Area Governor. They have read the Manual and applied it! They will give you a great deal of practical information and advice, based on the Manual and their experience. Take advantage of the opportunity.

Third, select a Mentor

Several of the Trainers at DOT live in Perth and are experienced former Area and Division Governors. Use them. Choose one (or perhaps two) to act as a guide and a mentor. They wont do the work for you, but they will give you advice when you ask for it, and alert you to important issues which you may have missed. Mark Richards, David Nicholas, Mike Helm and Ross Wilkinson are potential Mentors. Make contact. When DOT is finished for the day they will still be available to support you.

How do you get a Manual?

Come to WA Governors on Thursday evening, June 18. Manuals will be available at the meeting. Check the location details and time on the Event Calendar on this screen. Email David Nicholas for more details.

If you can’t make it to WA Governors this week email Mark Richards for more details. He will post it to you. It’s important you get it before DOT, so you can look at a few important sections in advance, to get the great benefit possible from the training.

When you first look at the Manual do two important things

First, look at the Table of Contents on pages 3 & 4. Get a general idea of what the Manual contains. Don’t spend too much time on this – you are not studying for a test. Just get a general idea of what is in there.

Second, read carefully pages 100, 101 and part of 102 to get an overall picture of the role of Area Governors. There is a lot more detail available, but this gives a good overall picture.

Third, (if you have time and the inclination for another one) glance through any other part of the Manual which looks interesting.

To prepare for DOT, have a look at the DOT Agenda

For more information or help you can call me, email me, or post your comment or query on this story.

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
9457 6468