July 2, 2009

An early start

Innercity Division kicked off the new Toastmasters year with a meeting of the Division Council just 2 days into the year.

Division Governor Gawain Simpson and 4 of the 5 Area Governors met for 1 hour on 2nd July to discuss Area and Division Goals for the year.

Club Officer Training

    It was stressed that the Area Governors should attend both sessions in order to meet as many of the Club Officers in their area as possible.
    This was a chance to set dates for Area contests and decide which club would host them, as well as look at Club DCP goals.
    Of course, if an Area Governor could get all the Club Officers in their area to attend the 1st COT session, they would be excused from the 2nd!

Club visits

    The importance of club visits by area governors was reiterated from the District Officer training
    Club visit reports need to be submitted by: Oct 31st and Apr 30th.

Club building

Division Governor Gawain Simpson highlighted the number of clubs in the division under charter strength. Several have fewer than 10 members. The need is to really concentrate on membership building.
Starting new clubs.

    Area I43 Governor Tony Obrzut introduced the idea of new club concentrating just on Impromptu speaking. It was thought a good idea and would need to be an advanced club of dual members.
    Area I44 Governor Ian Pickens had a number of ideas. An associate would soon be relocating to Karratha so there was the possibility of restarting a club there. There was the possibility of starting a club in the Woodside building where there are about 25 Toastmasters working, and also a club at the nearby Chevron building. Ian has ambitious plans. He wants to create enough clubs to form 2 areas within 2 years so that Innercity Division can be split into 2 divisions (Innercity East and Innercity West) in time for WA to form it’s own district.
    Area I41 Governor Nola Haddrill had the idea of starting a corporate club at Ernst and Young and Ian mentioned that Deloittes had held 5 speechcraft courses so could easily host a club.

Division contests

    The Humorous and Table Topics contests would be held by mid November and the International and Evaluation contests by late March.
    The Area contests need to be at least a fortnight before these.
    Possible venues were discussed with Ian recommending one of Subiaco City Council’s venues and running a division speechcraft course to fund the costs of the contests. This would mean a hall could be hired, catering provided and any extra funds being used to assist the 4 division contest winners with travel to the district convention in Ballarat.
    Nola mentioned that Justtalk had held a number of speechcraft courses and may be able to assist with funding the contests too.
    It was agreed that certificates would be given to the winners at Area contests but a small trophy would be given to the Division level winners.
    Ian raised a proposal for judges at the area and division contests: At area contests, judges would be sourced from the other areas in the division via the other area governors.
    An area governor would be the chief judge for the area contest, but not for their own area.
    At Division contests, 1 judge from each area outside the division would be sourced via the area governors. The other division governors would act as chief judges.

Division Governor visits

Gawain intends to visit every club in the division during the year.

Division Council dates

Dates for future division council meeting were set with meetings in October, February and May.