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Gerry Prewett Area W28 Governor

I am not only new to the role of Area Governor but also to Toastmasters. Having been a Charter Member of Cannington Communicators, I took on the role of VP PR. I enjoyed the challenge of both the Communication and the Leadership streams and was overwhelmed to be offered the position of W28 Area Governor for this year.

I was very fortunate to have the experience and expert advice of the ever patient Sue Veloczi to call on and to have two Advanced Clubs in my Area. Despite the heavy commitment to training and work within my own club (Cannington Communicators) I have managed to make initial visits to all my clubs and Official visits to two of them.

Cannington Communicators

An official visit to the club was an easy one and we were able to discuss after a normal Committee meeting where the club stood in terms of the Distinguished Club programme and with a good deal of targeted effort should be able to achieve all ten goals.

The Club held a very successful Humorous Speech and Table topics contest, which I wrote up on the club pages.

Fremantle Gourmet

My first ever visit to Fremantle Gourmet was an absolute delight, to such an extent that I joined at the end of the night. As an advanced club my expectations were high, but almost in response to Damien Chong’s call to arms of ‘Exceed Expectations’ it was exactly what the club did. Ross Wilkinson had already planned out the entire DCP route for all ten goals and I now merely need to carry this out in an official capacity.

As an Advanced Club the Group Evaluations were a revelation to me and I’ve started to introduce them to my own club (with great success). Gourmet have nominated representatives for the Area competition. The idea of good food, good drink and good conversation is certainly not a new one but it goes down well with the Governor!

Western Founders

The other advanced club in my Area meets monthly on a Saturday morning. My unofficial visit here was also of great interest as I heard a very impressive Ice Breaker speech and two projects from Advanced Manuals. This is another very well run club who are on target to achieve all ten goals in the DCP. They too have nominated their representatives for the Area competition. I am very much looking forward to my September visit.


Finally we come to Power Talk, a club which has struggled in the past, but with two experienced coaches and some high profile duel members it is now going from strength to strength. My first visit was as a judge for their Humorous Speech and Table topics contest. The contest was well run and the speeches of a high standard.

I have also made an official visit to the club and took part in one of their meetings The club is also on track to achieve all ten goals in the DCP and seems to be very well run although it does struggle for members and that may need to be a focus.

Gerry Prewett
Gerry Prewett

W28 Area Governor