District WA Approved

Mashantucket, USA – August 12, 2009

Today the Toastmasters International Board approved our application to form a new District in WA.

The board met publicly in front of a large audience which included our District 73 representatives

  • District Governor Damian Chong
  • Lt Governor Education & Training Bruce Hill
  • Lt Governor Marketing Mark Richards

Why is this so important?

Several of our WA leaders have been working very hard in the past few years to form our own individual District WA. Currently we are part of District 73 which covers Victoria, Tastmania, South Australia and Western Australia. We are a long way from the rest of the District. Our activities are seriously curtailed by this geographical separation. We have had support from the other States for our work. At the District Council held in South Australia in May this year, a unanimous resolution was passed authorising our District WA action committee (called the Reformation Committee) to apply for conditional approval. Mike Helm supervised the preparation of the application and now it has been approved.

We have to meet various conditions

The approval is conditional. I haven’t seen the specific conditions yet, but they will probably include these two major matters.

  • Grow our WA clubs to at least 60. Currently we have 51.
  • Grow our club membership to an average of at least 20. Currently the average is 18.

To see all current data on membership go to the the DCP page, and scroll down to see current figures for each Division and for WA as a whole.

Can we do it this year? – in 2009/10

Yes we can. We are already working hard to meet both these conditions. If you are interested in what is being done, have a look at the files on New Clubs Folder

Elections for the transition to District WA

Historic elections will occur in May, next year, at Ballarat, when the District 73 Council meets. These will be the elected officers.

May, 2010 Melbourne District 73 Governor
LGET for District 73 LGET for District WA
LGM for District 73 LGM for District WA
PRO for District 73 PRO for District WA
May, 2011 Perth District 73 Governor District WA Governor
LGET for District 73 LGET for District WA
LGM for District 73 LGM for District WA
PRO for District 73 PRO for District WA
May 2012 Perth District WA Governor
District WA Lt Gov Education & Training
District WA Lt Gov Marketing
District WA Public Relations Officer

Post your comments or suggestions in the box below.

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
9457 6468

9 Responses to “District WA Approved”

  1. Avatar for Robyn Richards Robyn Richards says:

    What great news this is from Mashantucket! I would like to thank Mike Helm especially & his team for his tireless effort in putting together the proposal that has convinced the Board of Directors to conditionally approve our reformation. I know we have the full support of all other District Officers from District 73. Mark’s email to me when this was announced said “We were all so excited that we stood up and high 5ed each other and hollered in front of the massive audience.”
    We have a wonderful group of leaders here in Western Australia who have been planning this for some time & we should all look forward eagerly to a long awaited, history making moment in Toastmasters WA. David Nicholas first put this thought into many minds several years back & has remained a driving force for the reformation & I hope you will remain a diligent “Driver” as this dream becomes reality David.
    Congratulations to all involved and let’s “GO AHEAD WITH DISTRICT WA”

  2. Avatar for Andrew Bolotin Andrew Bolotin says:

    Yes, wonderful news and a credit to all concerned.

  3. Avatar for Mark Richards Mark Richards says:

    Greetings from TMI Convention, Mashantucket USA, where the approval of District WA is being celebrated by the District Executive.
    International President Jana Barnhill was very excited for us and passes on her Congratulations to all members. She and a few other International Directors were telling us that once a District split approval has been granted it has always gone ahead without fail. This does not mean we can rest on our laurels. We must still continue to build new clubs and increase our membership and retention rate.
    Our congratulations and acknowledgement go to David Nicholas and Mike Helm for all the hard work and planning they have done to bring forth this great achievement.
    The next big decision to come is for Proposal A, which will combine Australia and New Zealand together to form one region out of 14 regions worldwide. This decision has been discussed with great fervour and with luck it will be passed tomorrow morning Friday 14th Aug US time. I hope to bring you the good news soon.
    Farewell for now,
    Mark Richards LGM District 73

  4. Avatar for Andris Bilkens Andris Bilkens says:

    As another past District 73 Governor – congratulations to Mike, David, Mark and all Western Australians! It’s been a long time and the split is a move in the right direction. Get behind your leadership team and fulfil the conditions the Board would have given. Great.

  5. Avatar for Mark Richards Mark Richards says:

    Breaking news from TI Convention.
    Proposal A has been approved by gaining 70% of the votes for the affirmative.
    It was a close call as it needed to be carried by 2 thirds of the votes. We screamed our approval when it was announced and everyone was overjoyed.
    We are now a truly International organisation. We will form Region 12 with Districts 73, 72(New Zealand)70(NSW,ACT)69(Qld,NT) and of course District WA(88 or 89)

    Great news indeed,
    Mark Richards District 73 LGM

    • Avatar for John Palmer John Palmer says:

      Many people have worked very hard over a long time to make this a reality. Well done and congradulations to everyone involved. We should reap the benfits of being our own district for many years to come.

  6. Avatar for David Nicholas David Nicholas says:

    This is good news.

    We hoped for it. We expected it. Now it is reality.

    For almost a year now the signs were there it was coming. Here in WA we are the lucky beneficiaries of this move to make Toastmasters International a genuinely international movement. The new Regions concept had an inbuilt pressure for a region down here in Australia/New Zealand. In some ways the international Directors were looking for a 5th District in our geographical area. Here we were, agitating for it right now, with all the inbuilt psychological benefits of the mining boom making WA such a publicised locality in world financial reporting.

    We have been lucky, but we have worked hard to transform the opportunity into reality. Now we have to work just as hard to transform our conditional District status into full recognition. We need more new clubs and more members in our existing clubs. We haven’t got there yet, but we are a long way along the road.

  7. Avatar for Mike Helm Mike Helm says:

    This has been a great team effort from WA Toastmasters over the last couple of years. But we should also acknowledge the help of Toastmasters from outside WA. Past District Governor Geoff Morrissey first raised the idea of the split at the 2007 District Convention in Perth. Immediate Past District Governor Bernard Marmion pursued World Headquarters like a terrier last year to get a response on the split. Current District Governor Damian Chong has been very supportive. Members of the District Reformation Committee were very cooperative in completing this year’s submission to the Board of Toastmasters International. They are former International President Gavin Blakey (Queensland), past District Governors Edmund Breen (Tasmania), Judith Talanoa, Dick Briggs and Bernard Marmion (Victoria), former Division Governor Jack Fawcett (Victoria), Divison Governor Peter Copland (South Australia) and our own David Nicholas and Mark Richards.

    I would also like to thank former District Governor Andris Bilkens (South Australia) who was very statesmanlike in seconding the proposal for District WA at the May Convention this year, even though Andris would probably have preferred a SA/WA grouping.

    A great team effort in WA – and a big thank you to our supporters from interstate.

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