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Andrew Bolotin DTM at WA Governors

Andrew Bolotin
Andrew Bolotin DTM

Andrew addressed us at our meeting on Thursday evening, June 18, 2009 – From Divisions to District.

Andrew has some status and authority here. District 73 was formed in 1976 as a breakaway from District 70 in New South Wales, just as we hope to form our District WA as a breakaway from District 73. It began with Provisional District status which it carried for 10 years. Andrew became District Lt Governor Marketing in 1983, Lt Governor Education and Training in 1984, and District Governor in 1985. It was during his term as District Governor that District 73 earned its full District status.

Currently we are in a very early stage, but it is time now to set about planning for the successful achievement of District WA status. You can see some earlier posts on the process at District WA on the way and District WA Prerequisites


A Plan to gain Provisional District status, and then full District status

Andrew recommended a 3 stage process.

    Stage 1: Devise a strategy
    Stage 2: Produce a detailed plan to achieve the strategy
    Stage 3: Implement the plan

Andrew made some suggestions for Stage 1 – the strategy

    Put together a small group of leaders to initiate a draft strategy
    Circulate this to the much larger group of leaders and potential leaders for feedback and revision
    Start to practise being a District

Some ideas for practising being a District

Appoint a current District Governor, a Lt Governor Education & Training and Lt Governor Marketing
Hold a District Convention including a Council Meeting and Speech finals

Dual membership a no-no

Daniel Andrew walked into the lion’s den with this one. All of us are dual members at WA Governors, since we make it a prerequisite to belong to another home club. He argued passionately that it’s a serious mistake for members to spread themselves too thinly by belonging to multiple clubs. However he made an exception for WA Governors because he sees our members as providing most of the leadership required to drive the District WA program.

This isn’t the last we will hear from Andrew

During supper afterwards several members engaged in energetic discussion with him. Of course he has more to offer, and some preliminary plans were discussed to arrange for it.

David Nicholas
David Nicholas DTM
WA New Clubs Coordinator
9457 6468

Many of our members are taking Andrews suggestions very seriously. What do you think? Post your comments below.

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  1. Avatar for John Palmer John Palmer says:

    Andrews comments regarding multiple club memberships were certainly controversial but not without merit. However it is vitally important that we support the creation of new clubs throughout the Metropolitan area. To do this and ensure the clubs continued viability we need to join thesse clubs as mentors for at least a year, perhaps more. If you involved in assisting several new clubs, then you will need to be in a member in several clubs. There is certainly justification for multiple club memberships under certain circumstances, and with the big push to create new clubs for our “District WA” we may all become multiclub members!

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