District Officer Nominations

Slim Pickings for the District Council next week

The District 73 Council Meeting on Saturday week, May 15, 2010 will be conducting elections for District Officers for next year.  It’s a very special election this time because two of the Officers being elected are for the transition to District WA.  You can see how it will be by this extract from the Report of the Nomination Committee, of which I was a member.

There is something very striking about this report when you take into account that District 73 has 10 Divisions – 6 in Victoria/Tasmania, 3 in WA and 1 in South Australia. In the coming transition year there will be 1 District Governor for the whole District, 1 Lt Governor Education & Training and a Lt Governor Marketing each for the Eastern States and for WA, and a Public Relations Officer for the whole District.

There is only one nomination for the 6 Division Governor positions in Victoria/Tasmania, there is no nomination for the Eastern States Lt Governor Education & Training and the only position with two nominations is for the District Public Relations Officer – and both are from WA! By contrast all the WA based positions have nominations from strong candidates.

Of course when the elections are held there can be nominations from the floor. For the well being of District 73 in this transition year we hope that that the missing Eastern positions will be filled.

David Nicholas DTM
Current Western Division Governor

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  1. Avatar for Mike Helm Mike Helm says:

    We also hope they will be filled by the right people to ensure a positive transition to the two new districts.

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